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the Summer List

I have eleventy billion things that I want to do this summer and the beauty of it is, is that my summer doesn't come with an expiry date come the end of August and the return of school.  Yes, I will still work, but it will look much different to what we are used to.  I feel less rushed to get my to-do list down to a minimum throughout this summer, which means lots of enjoyment and relaxation coming my way.
I do still plan on making myself little goals here and there...once a teacher, always a teacher, I guess.  So here's a little preview of some of the things I want to get done:

1- Camp at least twice a month.
2- Plan a killer Amazing Race party for Willis for the end of August.
3- Catch up on all my shows that I didn't watch during the year
4- Read 15 books.
5- Swim often in the lake or the pool
6- Have friends over for wine on the deck during sunset
7- Take a road trip to Seattle to watch the Jays, visit a new city and meet some a new blogger friend.
8- Visit my happy place chez my aunt in Vernon.  Have a glass too many of wine with my cousins.
9- Pick loads of Saskatoon berries
10- Get the landscaping done in the immediate area around our house.
11- Learn some more in Adobe After Effects
12- Complete my many DIY projects including: media room, Willis' room and Lucia's room

Okay, I'm getting tired making this list....we'll see how we progress, I may just end up having a beer and clam on the deck every night. And that would be okay too.
ps.  I have as a goal, for my kids, to work on gratitude.  We'll see how that goes.

Here's a couple sneak peeks of what has already transpired in our house this summer
1.  Lucia's Wizard of Oz party

lucia party from Dee on Vimeo.

2.  An attempt at fishing over July long.

fishing from Dee on Vimeo.
See, don't I need to spend some time with After Effects so I stop making such boring videos. Oy.


  1. how about you just come to Toronto to watch a Jays game? AND meet a blogger friend in the process?? Yes?
    ps I love that you're teaching your children gratitude. Amazing momma you are.

  2. I don't drink wine, but I'd be more than happy to drink a beer on your deck!

  3. Sounds like a great summer! An Amazing Race party would be so much fun. Yay for meeting a new blogging friend in Seattle ;) Shaunacey, you should just join us here!

  4. wow 15 books. I wish I had that much time, well techincally I do, but then I wouldn't sleep, and that's probably not good, lol. And I'm with Jordan, I'll drink beer with you on your deck. :)

  5. Absolutely awesome! I started my own summer bucket list...well, a few things on mine may not be achieved...but I will try my best! Also...LOVE that you are exposing your children to living gratefully...I run my own summer camp and we do this with the children also...one thing we have them do is decide how they can show their community they are grateful for things...they decided to write thank you cards to a variety of places and mail them! Just an idea ;)


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