The evolution of our kids' rooms

by - July 15, 2014

While we're discussing my fickle career thoughts...why don't we go over things I do like to do.  Maybe that will give me some guidance.  I'm also linking up with Andrea today @ Momfessionals for her Come on In series.

I LOVE decorating my kids' rooms.  Here's a little look at what Willis and Lucia had in both the two previous houses we've owned.

Willis (birth-6 months).  The room that I created before I was a mom.  le sigh.  I had ample time, a very limited budget and very swollen feet.  I was going for cute and colourful.   Each square would get a picture of him on it for each month-aversary.  It was sad taking this room down when we moved out of Warman into Saskatoon.

Willis- your crib was in our room for the first month or so.  I may even be napping in the background there.  I think this was your baby shower day.
When we moved into our Baillie Cove house, Willis' room was quite generic,

and it took me a year to come up with a plan and then execute it.  So, for his 3rd birthday, he came home to a brand new outdoor themed bedroom, complete with a family tree.  I think he loved it, maybe the video may confirm that....

00064 from Dee on Vimeo.

Then we decided to build a house.  Now Willis' current room is back to being kinda basic.  It definitely is ball themed, but will be getting a major face lift over the course of this year as I make a baseball bat headboard, a custom scoreboard and get some of my vintage 1992-1993 Blue Jay's World Series stuff framed.  Oh, and the autographed Roberto Alomar hat.  Swoooooon.  I may move into his room.  It's all the stuff I had in mine when I was 14.  I've blogged about the current kids' rooms here

Now Lucia has only had 2 bedrooms.  The one she had from birth- 2 years on Baillie Cove, which was underwater themed:

and then her current one, which I blogged about here.  Her room will also get some major updating as I get a handle on the basement.  I'm just now feeling the upstairs is nearing perfection, all that I am wanting is a bigass area rug and a coffee table and then I'll move on downstairs.

So that's the evolution of my kids' rooms which certainly is always fun for me.  I love drawing up ideas and gathering pieces.  Good times.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. You are so creative!!! Such cute rooms :) Thanks so much for linking up!!!
    :) Andrea

  2. Love the rooms! You are seriously one creative lady!!!

  3. very creative! My kids rooms are so plain!

  4. wow! I'm not even posting annabelle's room after seeing this. Ever.

  5. stopping by from the link up. such creativity!!!


  6. Your creativity is amazing! I love both of my boys' rooms - but my friends helped me. Sadly, creativity is not one of my talents.


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