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Summer's First Camp Out

Dear Willis and Lucia,
Your summer has started with a bang.  It's like we jam packed all our favourite activities into the first week of being off of school.  You've camped, you've fished, you've jumped off the boat into the lake, you had sleep overs with both grandparents, you have spent time with aunties and uncles and your cousins and you are completely and totally out of a routine.  
But, you both have been on your best behaviour and have made me really proud as your momma.  You have had your moments, of course, but they have been manageable.  Kiddos, you were so well behaved that I was able to set up/take down camp without your dad there.  Granted, Willis, you spent the entire time trying to start a fire for me, with Lucia cheering you on, but still.  You were good.  You both had some cute sayings that you adopted, with Willis and your "sun seeds" and Lucia, you insisting that you sleep in your "bean bags".
Here are some pictures from your first camping outing of 2014.

Adelyn, that goofer

We had a nice visit with Papa Pockets and Aunty Chris

Our camp setup.  Grandma and Grandpa were camped a couple sites down from us at Sandy Bay

Lucia, you took this picture of me.  I had to include it.

Willis- I love seeing you play with your cousins!

You guys played so well on the beach that I was able to read!

Aunty Kyla, Kinsey and Grandma

My beach babe

You looked so grown up steering the boat

Willis, I was so impressed how quickly you jumped in compared to last summer when we had to bribe you.

Lucia, that water was too cold for you. You didn't stay in long

Willis, you took this one.

Grandma and I like floating.

All in all, your first camping weekend was a huge success and you ended by staying a night with each grandparent.  This gave Mommy and Daddy time to get shit done.  Pardon my french.  Wait- you speak french now, and likely know that's not french.  Time out, Mommy.
Mommy has realized, while you were  away, that I really need to get myself into a good routine when you get back.  I need to start working out and watching what I eat.  I'm not liking what I see of myself right now and I don't want you to see that.  I want you to see the side of me that is driven to improve what I've got and to take care of myself.
So kiddos, thanks for being so awesome that I can leave you with your grandparents, which gave me some time to feel accomplished and get me back on track to being the best Mommy I can be for you.
Peace out,


  1. what a great week! Camping, swimming and sleep overs all the while you get a break too, everyone wins...:)

  2. What a fun weekend! I love how you wrote this post to your kids. I wish I had started blogging earlier, when my boys were little - it's such a great journal for them to have when they're older.


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