A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

Oh hey, Friday

It's been a good, productive, back to routiney week.  Here are a few things I've done:

1- The One & Only by Emily Giffin
Finished book #4 early in the week and it was the perfect summer novel.  A little bit of love, humour, romance and intrigue.  It still isn't as good as her first book, Something Borrowed, but I really enjoyed this one, much more than her last few anyway. And I don't even like football...I just kept pretending it was baseball.  I definitely recommend this read!

2- Worst. Person. Ever by Douglas Coupland
He's one of my favourite Canadian authors.  Random, raunchy and a little bit out of line.  I can only read him in small doses but I laughed the whole way through this book.  I even took it on a date with myself for sushi.  If you enjoy Cards Against Humanity then you will love this book as it also makes you feel slightly uncomfortable the whole time.  He probably writes for the board game, that wouldn't surprise me, not one bit.

3- Ball season.
Jess and I. Jordan took some good pics the night she was there..
I switched things up this year, changing teams last minute.  I had originally decided to be done playing; I was just out of energy and time and wanted to focus on Willis' season.  Plus Dan was travelling lots so it was impossible for me to get there in the first place.  But then I decided to have another last season but this time with a more laid back, less serious team...the bonus though for me was playing with Jordan and Jess.  I love playing ball with good friends.  I did feel homesick for my old team a few times, but I also enjoyed not really warming up and just doing whatever.  I'm at that point again at the end of the season where I don't want to play again (I love being at home with my kids, really, I do) but I also want to play again (I can still hit and throw and field ...in fact I hit 2 triples, 2 doubles, 1 single and had 1 walk on Tuesday) (I still got it in me, despite my age) So I have some decisions to make for next year.  Ball is in my blood. That's all I know.  I'm going to cheer on my former team today at provincials...which also kinda makes me sad as this is the first year, by choice, not mat leave, that I'm not competing.  We'll see how that pulls on my heartstrings.
I have blogged a lot about my ball past...here, here and here are a couple of my favourites

4- Fall feeling
Not gonna lie, a couple times this week I looked lovingly at my boots, stashed away on the highest shelf and kinda sorta wanted fall weather.  I love layers.  I'm done with shorts.  And I really want to watch You've Got Mail. On repeat.  And I may have also taken out some frozen pumpkin to bake a few pies......that's a sign that my summer (although on 3 weeks in) has been awesome!!!!  I realize that doesn't make sense. But I feel I've crammed everything I wanted to do in those first 3 weeks and would be fine if fall came tomorrow.  But I'd likely take that back when I realize that means snow is around the corner.
Yup- I've taken it back already.

5- Geo-caching
Willis, Lucia and I loaded on to the quad to go on a Geo-caching adventure.  Then the quad wouldn't start and my Dad wasn't home to help me fix it (I have no mechanical skills aside from my newfound knowledge on fuses) So we hopped in the truck instead and went on our way.  It actually worked to our favour as the kids LOVED it and wanted to keep on going.... here are a few pics

They liked it so much that we actually went out a couple of times that day and put together a loot bag to keep in the truck in case we were so inclined another time.  You'd be amazed how many are hidden everywhere!  Download the free app and see for yourself.

Well, that's it for me- have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. I always start yearning for fall around mid August. We have been talking about geo caching for years, but have never done it. It looks like so much fun!


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