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Oh hey, Friday!

This is the first time that our summer has started off with lots of activity and travel instead of lots of downtime.  Normally we ease ourselves into it, so it's definitely been odd being so out of routine.
Odd, but kinda nice.
During this adventuring funtime, I have also let go of some of my expectations I put on myself- like keeping up with texts and emails and daily schedules and pressures I put on myself to always be on.  It was awesome to take a break from the norm.  I am excited, however, to get some normalcy back in our lives and especially to get these kids back on a normal sleep schedule.  And it was super nice to do my makeup and hair for the first time in two weeks.....

Here are a few things that I have been doing:

1- Are You There God, it's me,  Margaret
Our book club has themes for each month and July was mine.  I picked "Childhood Faves" and it was awesome to get to read this book again.  I can distinctly remember reading this book for the first time when I was ten and asking my mom what a period was.  Good times.  This one will definitely be kept on my shelf (along with my Babysitter's Club and Sweet Valley High) for Lucia.

2- The Little Prince

Because my first book was such a quick read, I gave the members a choice to read this one too.  This one can be child's book with it's whimsical illustrations, but it's also a deeply philosophical story with great quotes.  I muchly prefer to read this book in it's original language, french, but read it in English this time.

Some of my favourite lessons stem from this book:
1- Do what makes you happy; your heart knows best
2- Never lose the child in you, the one who knows what is important in life.
3- Truly and deeply love at least one thing in life, and you will easily love many more
4- The grass isn't greener- be happy with what you have.
5- Take the unexpected road in life
6- Be humble
7- Get to know people and form lasting relationships
8- You are never really alone.

3- The Fault in our Stars

I was hesitant about this one.  I think mostly because I enjoy the author as the creator of the youtube series World History Crash Course...that I use in my courses. He's rambly and a goof in a cute nerdy way, so to take him seriously as an author was pushing it. But when some of my grade 9s insisted I read this one, i took them up on it. I'm glad I did. It was unexpectantly cute and clever and heartwarming but at the same time heart breaking and sad. Can't wait to see the movie !  

4- Finding a summertime routine
Monday begins me finding some sort of routine that will keep the kids occupied and enraptured with summer but yet balanceD in some relaxing and workout time for me.  I have many things that I want to accomplish on my summer to-do list, and I need to start feeling productive.  This starts Monday.  I'll keep you posted.  Not gonna lie though, I may just be spending every night on the deck looking out at this.  Gotta love Saskatchewan colours!

5- Friendship and support

I love and need these ladies.  They keep me grounded, they encourage me and they lift me up.  We have been friends for 20+ years and after last night's conversations, will definitely be friends much longer as we plan being in the same nursing homes so we can chitchat and watch the geriatric version of Big Brother together.  I love my friends !

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  1. I love seeing the group shots, just wishing I was in it!

  2. oh I want to read the Fault in Our Stars, everyone is talking about it, maybe I'll buy it when I'm at Target today...

  3. i'll have to add to my reading list!

  4. Love The Little Prince. Love. Looking at the picture of your view is so peaceful and lovely - it must be spectacular in person.

  5. Your Sasky picture is so beautiful. I think I need one to blow up and frame somewhere.


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