Monday Confessional in a series of hashtags*

by - July 28, 2014

I don't understand Pokemon, I don't want to understand Pokemon and I'm totally fine with that being the thing that Willis and Dan do together.  #stupidgameskidsplay

I washed my hair with dish soap last night because I was sick of the build up and keep forgetting to get more clarifier/stripper.  It worked like a charm and I may never spend money on special shampoo when what I already have under my kitchen sink works just fine.    #thickhairproblems

I have been having panic attacks for the past couple weeks which have resulted in my lower back  being extremely sore and tight.  Right now ice cold cups of water served in my oversized Jose Bautista cup works like a charm at getting rid of them.  #GoJaysGo

I've been counting calories for the past 3 weeks and have had success, losing close to 5 lbs.  But, I'm very good at not putting in the little things, like butter, jam, ketchup....and wine. If fitnesspal doesn't know, then my scale won't...right?  #wineoclock

I really wanted to make that baseball headboard for Willis and was really upset with him when he told me he didn't want it.  Of course I didn't show it, it's his room after all. Really, I mostly wanted it for 13 year old Deena.  I'll get over it, I'm sure. We've comprised on a baseball book shelf instead.  Dan got all giddy when talking about the design, so it's win-win, I guess. #IstillmayhaveacrushonRobertoAlomar

I never want to take a longer than a weekend vacation in the summer again.  We have one coming up and all I can think about is not getting to eat my fresh tomatoes every day, or missing an awesome thunder storm.  I'm sure I'll get over it once we get  into that fresh, mountain air. #Seattledreaming

My kids have been getting along very well during the day, but they are also awesome at fighting and yelling and crying really, really, loudly.  I'm starting to get really short with them and am losing my temper more than I'd like.  A "me" afternoon is needed and will happen this week.  I can't wait.  #hairstarbucksandmallwalk

I want someone to buy all my work clothes.  It's the only thing making me sad about not going back to work- I love to get dressed up and now will be scaling that down and making changes to what I wear.  #trendtrunk

Whilst I'm on my way to getting my weight back on track and hopefully will have lost a good 20 by the time our NYC trip comes around this fall, I still haven't been cutting back like I could.  I have been making a dessert or two a week and have thoroughly been enjoying every spoonful.  So far I've made pumpkin pie, a peach cobbler and a coconut tres leche cake.  Yum!  #Chatelainetoldmetoeatthis

yes, that is poutine topped with a Moroccan Lentil Stew.  yum.

I would gladly take Edwin's quad strain and suffer through it if we get to see him play in August.  I just want to be there for a game where he takes his parrot for a stroll.  I mostly want his autograph and will use the allure of my adorable children to get it.  Or any Jay for that matter.  #kidatheart

My girlfriend, Alison has recently moved to Saskatoon.  Her design skills make me want to redo my whole house. Or hire her to assist me in the least.  #homeenvy

All I want to do is snuggle up on the couch every night and read this ginormous book.  It is going to take me 2 weeks to get through, but I'm going to love every minute of it.  And I'm also going to plot our next family trip to Scotland whilst reading.   #Sassenach


*Hashtags are a marking used to group items together.  So if you were on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest and clicked on a certain hashtag, anybody who "tagged" their message would be grouped under that umbrella.  Sometimes people just put hashtags to finish off their thoughts and are trying to be funny.  They will not work for this blog.  I was just being ridiculous. As usual.  #Iwasbornawesome

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  1. Loved this post! Great way to start my back to work Monday!

  2. haha, this post made me giggle, I really like the * comment at the end. I was totally thinking...I wonder how hastags work in blog posts :) I am sort of disappointed he doesn't want a baseball headboard too...let's peer pressure him into it :)

    1. I may have cried a little inside...but this book shelf is going to be epic.

  3. you're the cutest! also, I don't track wine consumed because there simply isn't enough in a day #winedoesntcount :)

  4. Such a great post! Can I please steal this idea? So, so fantastic!

  5. I just started the same book . #kidsfendforyourselves

    1. BHAHAHAHAH. Love the hashtag and anyone who has great taste in books! #kids? #whatkids? #hellojamie

  6. I love the Monday confessional! Who knew about dish soap? Sorry about the panic attacks - I get them too. Glad the ice is working!


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