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Misconceptions I misconceived about myself.

One of my favourite conversations we had last week at Waskesiu was about how much we change in life and how our interests affect our career choice.  There are things I've always believed about myself, here are a few:  
  • I would like to think I'm an extrovert- a trait I always paired with people who have many friends, but really, deep down, I'm sure I'm an introvert. I love quiet and calm and small groups and tend to get very quiet in large group settings.
  • I sometimes think that I could conquer the world, but in reality, I lack discipline and stick-to-it-ness.  I have tons of awesome ideas but just need more discipline to get 'er done.
  • How can I call myself an introvert when I love networking and people connecting???
  • I thought after a year of acreage living that I'd be over the drive...but man, this drive (a mere 10 mins) has quickly become one of my favourite parts:
I snapped this one may way home last week.  I can't wait until there are purple fields of flax right next to this.

  • I sometimes think that I'm a "tell it like it is" person- but in reality I'm not or just, when in those situations, not invested enough to be that way.
  • I thought I'd keep this blog going for a year or so...but whatdoyouknow!  Here I am 5 years and almost 1000 posts later, enjoying every minute of it!
  • In High School I wanted to be a psychiatrist.  Then I realized I could do my second year University in Quebec City, so then I decided to be a French teacher.  My minor was initially English but my boyfriend of the time's mom suggested I do Fine Arts instead.  I have NO clue what I want to do with the rest of my life.
  • I grew up going to the lake and camping every weekend.  I no longer have that desire.  I'd rather spend the money that would otherwise be spent on a cabin on a pool house for my home.
I have changed so much since I stepped out of high school and almost half a career later, I feel that again, I'm not the same person I was 15+ years ago.  How do people stay at the same career their entire life?  Do people who make their hobby or their love in life their career still love it?  I am fearful that if I were to pursue something I love as a career that at some point it would become monotonous and job-like.

Anyway. Have a lovely week!


  1. love this and can relate to so much of it.
    I "think" it's possible to find something you love and do that..... at least, that's the goal isn't it? Work that doesn't feel like work? Hmmm is that a thing?

  2. Loved reading this and learning more about you. I did what I love for awhile until I hated it - I would love to get back into fashion somehow, but NOT in retail. Who knows what will happen?

  3. It's interesting....I took a major chance to pursue my dreams (the store) until we were forced to close (stupid high leases). I would love to re-open some day, but for now, my desire for a store has passed and I'm going back to teaching this fall (something I never considered my passion but now I'm super stoked about subbing). I love not knowing where life is going to take a person next. I say take the chance and do what you love...worst that can happen is that you will fail and, take it from me, it's not that bad :)

  4. As usual, love reading your honest and insightful words. Ditto on the introversion and ditto on the needing stick-to-it-ness. To less perfection and more doing it anyway!


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