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Canada Days of our past.

A couple nights ago I sat at the computer and went over all my July pictures since 2000-ish so that I could update my digital frame (that sits right by the stove, I change it each month with pictures of that month over the years)
Whilst I was looking around, I came across all our July long pictures and they made me smile.  They are always such great memories.  This year we laid low and stayed close to home base.  We did a quick trip to the lake with the grandparents because Lucia wanted to do some fishing and we had a great time bouncey castling and golfing with Monique and Kevin.  Sometimes it's nice to take it easy.

But in celebration of all great memories, let's take a look at some previous Canada Day long weekends...

Last year we attempted camping in the rain at Sandy Lake. We lasted 4 hours.

The year before that was at Candle with the whole family!

 For some reason, camping and strawberries are a recurring theme in our July photos

 ...and cute kids....

We attempted Candle the year before that but it was super cold....

same beach as that crowded one a couple pictures up. The water was super high this year and there wasn't a beach.

Love Dan's parents' back yard!


 and before children....

Life is good.  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. awwww great pics!!
    love that one with lucia's back to the camera and she's holding the umbrella

  2. I LOVED seeing these pics. Your kiddos are so cute and your pictures are magazine worthy. Seriously. PS I love the word Whilst :)


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