A day in the life of Dee- summertime edition

by - July 24, 2014

Summer brings on a whole new meaning to what I do in my days at home.  I can be productive and get things done, but I also like to let loose and have some fun.
 Some rules I have during this summer?
1- No watching Big Brother or the Bachelorette unless it's while on the treadmill or while getting work (blog) done.
2- Must read at least an hour a day.
3- No wine, beer/clam or snacking in the evening on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.
4- One project at a time...I need to pace myself or I get overexcited.
But that's just me...as for the kids:

On a typical day, I divide my day into chunks.  Here's a look at what we do:

Wakeup (7/730) until first snack (10:00)
Coffee, breakfast & blog/book reading for me.  The kids usually play random games and take their time waking up.  Any phone calls that need to be made are done during this time (setting up appointments, etc)

Late morning activity until lunch - usually something indoors or we do our running around in the city if need be.

After lunch quiet time (mostly for Lucia's sake) I spend the time trying to maintain the peace or if that works, get a workout in or I do my daily cleaning.

Early afternoon activity until second snack (300)I usually start prepping supper during this time.


Mid afternoon (The witching hour)  until Dad gets home and supper (500)- usually when they are wanting to go outside and play in the dirt or swim.

After supper activities - always something outside with Dad or they play games inside.  Like zoo.  Apparently the blankets are the cages?  I use the time to clean up the kitchen or if I didn't work out earlier, I do it then.

Bed, Bath and Beyond : time to prep for tomorrow and catch up on emails.  Guaranteed the Blue Jays' game is on in the background and once all that is done, Dan and I usually watch one of our shows...which is either Brooklyn Nine-Nine or Suits.

I'm asleep by 11-12.  Sometimes I'll read later...depends on the book.

Et voilà, that's a typical summer vacay day for us.  Weekends are completely different and very higgeldy piggeldy.

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  1. oh I love these! Mostly cause I'm nosy :) What time do your kids go to bed?

    1. I love that you love these, mostly because I'm nosy too. They are in bed with books, ideally around 8 in the summer. School nights is 730. What about your kids?

  2. Ha ha - I'm nosy too! I love reading how other people live their lives :) Love your summer days. Both of my boys are working this summer - I miss them being around more.


Have a lovely day!