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I am officially over my summer wardrobe.  Fact.  You can write that down.  I'm done.  I have no interest in wearing shorts, tank tops or maxi dresses and I am yearning for leggings, boots and sweaters.  This is likely because summertime makes me lazy and laid back in a good way.  Or we can blame it on Mother Nature and the coolish, overcast weekend.  Also I may or may not have baked 3 pumpkin pies and a batch of Turkey Soup.   Whatever.  There's still plenty of summer left- I'm sure I'll get over it.

WSW: on being a personal shopper

Welcome to another edition of Window Shopping Wednesday...except in today's post I'm not perusing the internets for some lovely fashion finds for myself.  Nope, today I'm gonna show you what I got to do for my darling Sister-in-law, Monique who ever so graciously, let me be her personal shopper.

Sharing the love

One thing I never saw as an end result of this blogging thing was the community of bloggers.  I always was just writing for my family and to record memories, but that has now changed too.  Kinda. But not really.
My new favourite part of blogging is how the world seems to be so much smaller and lovelier when there are people you can connect with who have similar interests. 

So let's do a share today.  In the comment section, post a blog you enjoy reading, a new blogger you found, or anything to share the love of this small blog world.

I'm going to share with you two blogs that I love.
One is a new find, from what I gather, she's originally from Toronto? somewhere in Ontario? and married a pro ball player who played with the Jays.  I love her fashion and her writing style and I'm pretty sure we'd be friends in real life, if that doesn't sound stalkerish.
Here's her blog.
The second blog that I'm going to recommend is by one of my besties and former roommate.  She is back after a year break and posted a beautiful blog last night in memory of her mom who passed away a year ago in August.  Check her out here and give her some love for that brave post.

Like I said on Monday, I may see myself as an introvert, but maybe perhaps I'm kinda a bit of an extrovert when behind my computer, blogging?  Is that even do-able.

Have a lovely Thursday.

Window Shopping Wednesday

I have been trying not to buy anything for myself in July and August.  I have no need for anything at this moment, also, I teach therefore I don't have a paycheque in the summer. That kinda affects it too.  Also, I'm not feeling really awesome about my body image so why would I get anything for myself when I know I need/want/will lose weight.

BUUUUUUUT...that doesn't mean one can't dream and online window shop in the meantime.

What I would want the most right now is a denim vest.  I never got one for the style challenge because, 1- I already had one.  But the one I have is cropped and almost white and I only have one maxi dress I can wear with it.  What I REALLY want/need/desire/dream about one a daily basis is a rockstar almost acid wash denim vest.   Come on, peeps, you know me...I love the unique pieces!

So here are the very few pieces that I've found that kinda look like something I would want, one being not acid washy enough, but the perfect shape AND with a hood and two being the perfect colour but not the right shape....I'll find you someday, perfect acid wash denim vest...

1. Forever 21                     2. Charlotte Russe
While we're on the topic of Deena doing what she loves (shopping), I've been able to explore a little and, thanks to my darling SIL, do some shopping for her.  She let me dress her for a photo shoot for a Business magazine.  I also did some personal shopping for her....stay tuned next week to see how it went!

The last week: Style Me Challenge

Welcome to the last week of the Summer Style Me Challenge.  This was a more difficult challenge for me- I enjoy being lazy during my holidays and mostly wearing my pajamas, or lulus.  So I did get dressed up more than I normally would.  I look forward to the work wardrobe challenge in the fall where I will challenge myself to dress those down as I don't have to go to a workplace, per say.  Yay!  Anyway, here are my outfits from the last week.

Wednesday: White shorts, striped T, Wedges and Long necklace

 now that I look at this outfit, I don't like how the gladiators break up my already short legs.  They would be better paired with a maxi or something long and flowy.

Thursday: Bright shorts, white T, Dressy chambray, metallic sandals
This is where I kinda fell off the style wagon.  We went camping.  I did my best.

Friday: Denim shorts, patterned shirt

Saturday: Maxi dress, fedora, metallic sandals

Sunday: Palazzo pants, bright tank

Lastly- go see what the other ladies have been up to in styleville!

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