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WSW: My picks for my friends

I am officially over my summer wardrobe.  Fact.  You can write that down.  I'm done.  I have no interest in wearing shorts, tank tops or maxi dresses and I am yearning for leggings, boots and sweaters.  This is likely because summertime makes me lazy and laid back in a good way.  Or we can blame it on Mother Nature and the coolish, overcast weekend.  Also I may or may not have baked 3 pumpkin pies and a batch of Turkey Soup.   Whatever.  There's still plenty of summer left- I'm sure I'll get over it.

Monday Confessional in a series of hashtags*

I don't understand Pokemon, I don't want to understand Pokemon and I'm totally fine with that being the thing that Willis and Dan do together.  #stupidgameskidsplay

I washed my hair with dish soap last night because I was sick of the build up and keep forgetting to get more clarifier/stripper.  It worked like a charm and I may never spend money on special shampoo when what I already have under my kitchen sink works just fine.    #thickhairproblems

I have been having panic attacks for the past couple weeks which have resulted in my lower back  being extremely sore and tight.  Right now ice cold cups of water served in my oversized Jose Bautista cup works like a charm at getting rid of them.  #GoJaysGo

I've been counting calories for the past 3 weeks and have had success, losing close to 5 lbs.  But, I'm very good at not putting in the little things, like butter, jam, ketchup....and wine. If fitnesspal doesn't know, then my scale won't...right?  #wineoclock

Oh hey, Friday

Another beautiful week in the wraps.  Here are my 5 favourite things about this week:

1- This week I started working on Willis' baseball headboard and the rest of his Baseball themed room decor.  I have no tool knowledge nor confidence.  It has been interesting, but I'm super excited to see how this project comes together.  My goal is to have it done before we take off on our summer vacation out west. That all depends if my bat order comes in on time.   This is my inspiration:

A day in the life of Dee- summertime edition

Summer brings on a whole new meaning to what I do in my days at home.  I can be productive and get things done, but I also like to let loose and have some fun.
 Some rules I have during this summer?
1- No watching Big Brother or the Bachelorette unless it's while on the treadmill or while getting work (blog) done.
2- Must read at least an hour a day.
3- No wine, beer/clam or snacking in the evening on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.
4- One project at a time...I need to pace myself or I get overexcited.
But that's just for the kids:

On a typical day, I divide my day into chunks.  Here's a look at what we do:
Wakeup (7/730) until first snack (10:00) Coffee, breakfast & blog/book reading for me.  The kids usually play random games and take their time waking up.  Any phone calls that need to be made are done during this time (setting up appointments, etc)

WSW: on being a personal shopper

Welcome to another edition of Window Shopping Wednesday...except in today's post I'm not perusing the internets for some lovely fashion finds for myself.  Nope, today I'm gonna show you what I got to do for my darling Sister-in-law, Monique who ever so graciously, let me be her personal shopper.

Willis and Lucia play

My how the tides have changed!  I think I will likely be that mom that loves every age my kids are at.
The cuddles of a newborn?  I'm all over it.  The cuteness of a one year old? The best.  The independence of a 4 year old? Awesome. The ability to reason with a 6 year old? Love it.    It just keeps getting better and better with age.  Like wine. Or is that whiskey?
What I love about having a very independent, but albeit feisty 4 year old and an almost 7 year old who thinks he knows everything, is how they work together (and read- the freedom it gives me)

I now have the ability to read, to bake, to clean or to blog somewhat freely while they are playing lego, making treasure hunts and playing in the pool.  With that cooperative play, also comes lots of bickering, arguing and fighting, but I'll take it.  It's giving me plenty of opportunity to teach them how to fight fairly and how collaborate without hurting each other.  Speaking of teaching them how not to drive each oth…

Oh hey, Friday

It's been a good, productive, back to routiney week.  Here are a few things I've done:

1- The One & Only by Emily Giffin
Finished book #4 early in the week and it was the perfect summer novel.  A little bit of love, humour, romance and intrigue.  It still isn't as good as her first book, Something Borrowed, but I really enjoyed this one, much more than her last few anyway. And I don't even like football...I just kept pretending it was baseball.  I definitely recommend this read!

2- Worst. Person. Ever by Douglas Coupland
He's one of my favourite Canadian authors.  Random, raunchy and a little bit out of line.  I can only read him in small doses but I laughed the whole way through this book.  I even took it on a date with myself for sushi.  If you enjoy Cards Against Humanity then you will love this book as it also makes you feel slightly uncomfortable the whole time.  He probably writes for the board game, that wouldn't surprise me, not one bit.

3- Ball season…

Sharing the love

One thing I never saw as an end result of this blogging thing was the community of bloggers.  I always was just writing for my family and to record memories, but that has now changed too.  Kinda. But not really. My new favourite part of blogging is how the world seems to be so much smaller and lovelier when there are people you can connect with who have similar interests. 
So let's do a share today.  In the comment section, post a blog you enjoy reading, a new blogger you found, or anything to share the love of this small blog world.
I'm going to share with you two blogs that I love. One is a new find, from what I gather, she's originally from Toronto? somewhere in Ontario? and married a pro ball player who played with the Jays.  I love her fashion and her writing style and I'm pretty sure we'd be friends in real life, if that doesn't sound stalkerish. Here's her blog. The second blog that I'm going to recommend is by one of my besties and former roommat…

Window Shopping Wednesday

I have been trying not to buy anything for myself in July and August.  I have no need for anything at this moment, also, I teach therefore I don't have a paycheque in the summer. That kinda affects it too.  Also, I'm not feeling really awesome about my body image so why would I get anything for myself when I know I need/want/will lose weight.

BUUUUUUUT...that doesn't mean one can't dream and online window shop in the meantime.

What I would want the most right now is a denim vest.  I never got one for the style challenge because, 1- I already had one.  But the one I have is cropped and almost white and I only have one maxi dress I can wear with it.  What I REALLY want/need/desire/dream about one a daily basis is a rockstar almost acid wash denim vest.   Come on, peeps, you know me...I love the unique pieces!

So here are the very few pieces that I've found that kinda look like something I would want, one being not acid washy enough, but the perfect shape AND with a h…

The evolution of our kids' rooms

While we're discussing my fickle career thoughts...why don't we go over things I do like to do.  Maybe that will give me some guidance.  I'm also linking up with Andrea today @ Momfessionals for her Come on In series.

I LOVE decorating my kids' rooms.  Here's a little look at what Willis and Lucia had in both the two previous houses we've owned.

Misconceptions I misconceived about myself.

One of my favourite conversations we had last week at Waskesiu was about how much we change in life and how our interests affect our career choice.  There are things I've always believed about myself, here are a few:  
I would like to think I'm an extrovert- a trait I always paired with people who have many friends, but really, deep down, I'm sure I'm an introvert. I love quiet and calm and small groups and tend to get very quiet in large group settings.I sometimes think that I could conquer the world, but in reality, I lack discipline and stick-to-it-ness.  I have tons of awesome ideas but just need more discipline to get 'er done.How can I call myself an introvert when I love networking and people connecting???I thought after a year of acreage living that I'd be over the drive...but man, this drive (a mere 10 mins) has quickly become one of my favourite parts:I sometimes think that I'm a "tell it like it is" person- but in reality I'm not or …

Oh hey, Friday!

This is the first time that our summer has started off with lots of activity and travel instead of lots of downtime.  Normally we ease ourselves into it, so it's definitely been odd being so out of routine.
Odd, but kinda nice.
During this adventuring funtime, I have also let go of some of my expectations I put on myself- like keeping up with texts and emails and daily schedules and pressures I put on myself to always be on.  It was awesome to take a break from the norm.  I am excited, however, to get some normalcy back in our lives and especially to get these kids back on a normal sleep schedule.  And it was super nice to do my makeup and hair for the first time in two weeks.....

Here are a few things that I have been doing:
1- Are You There God, it's me,  Margaret
Our book club has themes for each month and July was mine.  I picked "Childhood Faves" and it was awesome to get to read this book again.  I can distinctly remember reading this book for the first time wh…

Vacationing with a family of friends and other ramblings.

It was that time of year this week when we took off with our family friends, the Hamiltons, for a 3 day adventure to our annually ever-changing location. This year it took us deep into the wilderness of Prince Albert National Park to Waskesiu and more specifically, Elkridge. And when I mean wilderness, I mean we were roughing it at a 5 star resort. I actually don't know if it's a legit 5 star resort but what the heck, who's checking.  It had air conditioning and laundry. And big comfy beds. Yup. It was a tough 3 days.

Jordan and Hugh brought their pontoon boat up, which was an added bonus and we spent our one full day out on the Hanging Heart Lakes, taking our time fishing and tubing, eating on the island and then finding our own private beach.  It was serene.  We also happened to be the only boat around for the longest time, except when we ran into Dan's parents on Crean Lake. Small world.

The last week: Style Me Challenge

Welcome to the last week of the Summer Style Me Challenge.  This was a more difficult challenge for me- I enjoy being lazy during my holidays and mostly wearing my pajamas, or lulus.  So I did get dressed up more than I normally would.  I look forward to the work wardrobe challenge in the fall where I will challenge myself to dress those down as I don't have to go to a workplace, per say.  Yay!  Anyway, here are my outfits from the last week.
Wednesday: White shorts, striped T, Wedges and Long necklace

now that I look at this outfit, I don't like how the gladiators break up my already short legs.  They would be better paired with a maxi or something long and flowy.

Thursday: Bright shorts, white T, Dressy chambray, metallic sandals This is where I kinda fell off the style wagon.  We went camping.  I did my best.
Friday: Denim shorts, patterned shirt

Saturday: Maxi dress, fedora, metallic sandals

Sunday: Palazzo pants, bright tank

Lastly- go see what the other ladies have been u…

Memory Makers

Sometimes people come into your life later on, having missed your childhood and adolescence, but still make a huge impact on your world. That's Jordan and Hugh for me: I love their little family.   I feel completely comfortable being myself around them and our parenting styles are quite similar.  It's good to have good friends.  It's even better when an entire family can mesh.  A couple of years ago we started doing family trips.  Here's a look back at our last two excursions.
2012- Emerald Lake.  It rained for 97% of the weekend.  Read about it here

2013 at Tobin Lake.  It was cold out.  Read about it here

This year we have cabins books at Elkridge and  will spend a glorious 3 days exploring Prince Albert National Park.  I can't wait to get Jordan and Hugh's pontoon out on Waskesiu Lake and into the Heart Lakes, especially Crean Lake which is such a beautiful place.  Mostly, I can't wait to share our adventure with you!

Summer's First Camp Out

Dear Willis and Lucia, Your summer has started with a bang.  It's like we jam packed all our favourite activities into the first week of being off of school.  You've camped, you've fished, you've jumped off the boat into the lake, you had sleep overs with both grandparents, you have spent time with aunties and uncles and your cousins and you are completely and totally out of a routine.   But, you both have been on your best behaviour and have made me really proud as your momma.  You have had your moments, of course, but they have been manageable.  Kiddos, you were so well behaved that I was able to set up/take down camp without your dad there.  Granted, Willis, you spent the entire time trying to start a fire for me, with Lucia cheering you on, but still.  You were good.  You both had some cute sayings that you adopted, with Willis and your "sun seeds" and Lucia, you insisting that you sleep in your "bean bags". Here are some pictures from your fir…