Summer Style Me Pretty Challenge. Week one.


And we're back!!!!!!!!!!  I'm super excited to be back on board with Alison's 21 days of outfits in her Style Me Pretty Summer Challenge.   I'm even way more excited to have some dear friends on board as well, they are even blogging with us in our link up! I hesitated with this challenge only because I'm t-8 days from summer and that means yoga pants and tanks...which is the classic formula to what Alison's trying to help. If anybody needs help with summer wardrobe, it's likely me.  I didn't even own a pair of nice shorts before this.

Our first outfit was released on Sunday, here is what I've put together since then:

Alison said: White T, Coloured Shorts, Statement Earrings and Metallic Sandals
I did: White T (Joe Fresh), Neutral Cardi (Simons), Coloured Leggings (RW), Statement Earrings(Gift) and Metallic Flats (Blowfish-old) similar. even nicer. ohhhh want!  I find Blowfish flats to be insanely comfortable. Now I want these too.....

Alison said: Chambray shirt, Striped T, White jeans, sneakers
I did: It was Awards Day, so I had to go formal and went denim jacket (Simons), white dress (H&M-old) similar..and actually like more than current dress...darn you H&M for not shipping to Canada....  and fancy new wedges (The Bay, but I couldn't find the similar instead) These are the shoes that I have been coveting and then found for 65% off, but in a paisley pattern!!!!! Thank you shoes Gods!!!!

And once again, I'll be linking up with some fantastic ladies who are also bloggers and doing the challenge.  Check out their renditions of the outfits below!


  1. The new shoes look great! The challenge is off to a fab start! Thanks for getting me on board.

  2. love your shoes and I love blowfish flats too! Comfy enough to wear ALL day!

  3. You always look so pretty, and your legs are amazing in those shoes! Love the new picture spot.

  4. Agreed blowfish shoes are mega comfy. Loving the new blog design and like Lana said, new picture spot. Also love that sweater you're wearing, looks so comfy.

  5. Cute outfits! I love the jean jacket and white dress:)

  6. Ditto on what everyone else said! I loved your shoes with your dress!

  7. Those shoes {with the dress} really are fantastic! I love the dress as well. I do like your new blog design...nice work!

  8. I'm need help with getting out of gym clothes, too. I think you are off to a great start, love the white lace dress and denim jacket.

  9. Such cute outfits and love those shoes. I am thinking I might need to try some pink pants after seeing how great yours look.


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