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I'm linking up with with Andrea over at Momfessionals today for more of her "Come on In" series....

The yard is the reason why we built out here.  5 acres of wide open space with plenty of room to dream,  and grow.  This has been, by far, the best part of acreage dwelling.  Yes, we have a 10 minute drive to the city, but we also have complete privacy and endless amounts of beautiful, Saskatchewan sky.  After a year of living out all four of our seasons, I've come to realize that this space provides me with peace, regardless the season.

Take a look for yourself.  The only thing I wish I had for you was some audio.  The crickets, the birds, the frogs, the ducks.....or even the sound of complete silence.  Yup, I've found my oasis.

Nightly view from my bed.

A typical summer night

Adventuring for rocks.  Dan built a retaining wall for the front  last summer with all the rocks on our property

The veranda is also another fave.

Plenty of space for golfing and batting

The finished project

I had some fun with the quad, making paths for the dogs.  

A fall view

Dan playing with his new tractor, getting the space ready for the garden.  We have two big areas on the go; one with garden stuff, the other is a temporary tree nursery.

Love the soft pastel colours of the winter

Willis participates in lots of character building activities, like hole digging.

The 15 year old oak we transplanted from Dan's parents' place.  Geez, even our trees have stories....

having some fun.
As you can see, there is tons of work to be done.  We are starting in the front where Dan is currently re-levelling the ground and making retaining walls so we can seed grass and plant trees in the fall.  Then it's on to the behind the house area, which we plan on sodding and putting in a pool and fire pit.  Beyond that is overwhelming but I guarantee, if you come back in 7 years, will be beautiful!


  1. Wow how fun to have a complete HUGE blank canvas! So peaceful!

  2. So beautiful! I would love to own some property - I agree, it is so relaxing. Love the view from your bedroom!

  3. come back in seven years? I'm ready to move in now!


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