3 purple lies

Lucia's birthday parties of the past

This weekend we are hosting Lucia's 4th birthday party.  Our little munchkin turns 4 next week, and this weekend is the weekend we have the grandest party planned for her.  Everything she requested she got.  I realize I sound like I may possibly spoil my girl when I say that.  Birthdays are to be celebrated, and that's how we do it here.  So what.

Lucia's 1st birthday.  A rainbow cake and pool party.  The birthday where we got to meet Jen for the first time (Brother Rob's girlfriend, who stole our heart, by the way. We love her).

Lucia's 2nd Birthday.  A Minnie Mouse Birthday.  The birthday that I took pictures of all the guest and mailed them to them.  We had my favourite Belgium at the party, ValĂ©rie.

Lucia's 3rd birthday.  We had just moved into our new house the previous weekend.  It was a mess, but I loved having it packed with family and friends.  She wanted a Baxson (from Winnie the Pooh) birthday party so I took that and turned it into a superheroes bday party.  Everyone had to have a name tag with their superhero. Yes, Willis had Edwin Encarnacion.  That's my boy!

You see, the thing is, we have these friends and family who are so supportive and so loving of our little family and they keep showing up. And that, my friends, I can't help but want to yell from the rooftops and celebrate the love.  So what if I sometimes go a little crazy with the parties.....these are the memories that are being created that will last a life time.
This is our story, after all.

I can't wait to share with you next week, all the details of Lucia's 4th Wizard of Oz birthday.  She wanted a cake that was a rainbow that tasted like chocolate, mint, strawberries and black.
And her wish shall be granted.  She only had to click her red heels three times.
Have a glorious weekend.