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Lucia is 4

Our little girl is 4 today.  Her beauty intensifies every single day and she is becoming one strong willed chic.  I have never seen anyone so mindful of her body- mommy, I'm tired.  Mommy, I can't eat any more..my stomach is full.

 I spent a good part of Sunday night looking back on my previous posts about our doll.  And crying. Of course.  I may not have kept her baby album up to par, but I feel so grateful that I have this blog going still...it is such a great capsule for our life.  Lucia will know details about every event in her life.  Here are some of my favourites:

Speaking of events, we hosted her 4th birthday party this past weekend.  A Wizard of Oz party for the cutest of all munchkins.  Here are some of my favourite pictures:
Oz fans will appreciate this decor...

The water gun paint activity...which would have been better without the rain and wind...

A houseful. Just the way I like it.

After party sleep over.
I took the day off to spend some quality time with my love and I can't wait to play the day her way.
Happy 4th Birthday, Lucia. We love you!!!!!!!!


  1. What a fun party - seriously impressed with your creativity! Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  2. You know cause everyone has a bed in their closet! No really what an awesome party and what fun that people dressed up! Such great decorations, you did fantastic. Happy Birthday to Lucia! May your 4th year be the best yet!

    1. The bed is my time out space. I should just keep it inflated and stay in there forever. Anytime you find yourself randomly in Saskatchewan- you know where to stay!

  3. there is a very definite possibility that you ARE super mom. Just saying.
    also, video is amazing!

    1. Maybe I should get a cape. I wonder if Alison would prescribe one for the challenge.

  4. What a great post! What a great party! What about that closet! AMAZING!!


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