If these walls could talk...


...they would tell the story of our family.
They would show you how we've grown and come together; where we've been and who we love.
The walls in our house paint a picture of a family who love deeply and who take pride in their accomplishments.

These are our walls, this is our story.

Everything in this home is homemade or carries a deep meaning. I did most of the work last year before we moved.  I blogged about it here.   In the kitchen hangs two recipes written in the pen of my Grandmothers, framed by two teal/blue paintings done by Lucy.  There are words that have great meaning in the locker/laundry room and the entry of our home.  In the hallway are two paintings, done by my Grandma Diehl.  In the bathroom is a painting I did of a flower outside the husband's parents home and a photo of some pansies in Scotland from my trip with Rob and Kyla.

Our basement is a story unfolding.  There's the art hallway where the kids' creations hang.  There are paintings done by me, the kids on the main wall.  And a Britney Spears cut out. Of course.  There are photos of our kids...which I put twice on the collage. They're that cute.  There's also their paintings wall by the lego.  You'll see two pictures of our media room.  It's the only room in the house that hasn't been updated.  That's one of my summer projects.  I'm thinking movie posters of the favourite movies of our little family.

This is our great room; my favourite room.  The canvas photographs were taken in 2010 by the same photographer who captured our wedding.  The sunflower oil painting was something I did in our first home.  The dogs stepped on it and there's still a footprint on the bottom right corner.  The bright canvas above the piano was done by the kids and their friends at a splatter party.  

The kids' rooms are also works in progress. Will has a Blue Jays room...and will be getting an upgrade hopefully this summer.  I have a plan to repaint his dresser and make him a baseball headboard and scoreboard.  He has a collage a photos from every birthday. The row of pictures you see are when he turned 6.  We do a photoshoot every year.  This year we'll start the tradition with Lucy and she has a matching frame.  Her room is very girly and evolving.  I have yet to modpodge and frame her instagram pictures.    All of her art is original as well.

Our master bedroom is all original photographs and paintings by moi.  The kids are both 6 months in the black and white pictures.  Those might be my favourite pieces in the entire house.

Guest room.  Scotland themed.  All pictures from our siblings' trip
Family photos wall in Guest Room

Another favourite space.  Family pictures surround a lovely quote : The best things in life aren't things.  The two matching collages on either side of both kids at 2 years old. 

These are my walls, this is my story.


  1. I had no idea that everything on your walls had a story and was homeade. I am not surprised though! Your kids are artists in the making, just like their mama!

  2. Loved the stories about all the pieces on your walls. You are one talented woman! Love your home - it seems like such a wonderful place.

  3. Love all of it, you are so talented. We spent so much time taking holes out of walls when we moved in that I have a hard to committing to putting stuff on the walls..haha. We REALLY need an update, everything is from 3 years ago!

  4. I love the recipes from your grandmothers!
    I want to copy that :)

  5. I like that everything on your walls is purposeful and has meaning. Great idea to frame handwritten recipes from your grandmothers. I want to do that too!


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