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Father's Day: What we did and other stories

Willis likes to make lists.
Gee, I wonder where he gets that from.....

So we had big plans for Father's Day and it was a lovely, normal, simple day with a few fun exceptions.  We did go swimming and ran into some friends, which is always nice.  We went to the dump, which seems like something you do with your Dad.  We did get some Tims, some cuddles, some restaurant time in too.  But most of all, Dan got lots of love from the kids.

My favourite story that came from Father's Day was something Dan experienced with the kids when he took them back to PA to celebrate with his Dad.  I'll let Dan share the story.

SPOLIER ALERT: This little story really ruins the plot line for How to Train Your Dragon 2 (fantastic show
Lucia, Willis, the grandparents and I went to go see How to Train Your Dragon 2. Now before we went, Deena had warned me that there's a main character that dies and we'd decided to prep Willis that someone (not saying whom) would die.

During the whole show, Lucy was a blast. Any dark scene or ominous music would have her watching the movie from behind my arm while she hugged it tightly, only to throw my arm aside to laugh out loud
and clap for any funny or happy part. About halfway through she decided to finish the movie doing the
same with Nana and Papa.

Willis was enjoying the show a lot too, but he was pretty sure it was Hiccup (the boy) or Toothless (the
boy's dragon) that would die. So when the apex of the movie approached, he climbed over to me to sit beside me. When Hiccup's dad was the one that died while saving Hiccup, Willis looked sad but took it in stride. However, about five minutes later I hear some sniffling and look over at him. He's barely keeping it together.
I ask him what's wrong? He answers "It was sad that Hiccup's dad died."

"But if YOU died Dad"

"then I'd be REALLY sad"
and he proceeded to full out break down bawling.  So I picked up that big six year old and hugged him on my lap. And ten seconds later he has back watching the movie and loving it so much that when the victory scene came to the climax he literally jumped off my lap and yelled when Hiccup won.

Lucy meanwhile didn't seem as phased. But just before we got up to leave the movie she gets a cross/confused look on her face and asks in disbelief "So the dad is STILL dead?!?!". Papa tells her yes, that it was an accident and the dad died. Lucia gives a little shrug and a "huh" and gets up to leave.


  1. Aww, that is such a sad part of HTTYD2! Although I just watched the first one last week, okay watched part of it, okay watched the beginning and the end. I wonder how a 3.5 year old will take it, My husband was going to take him next week...hmm...??? But your kids are too cute, and I love that your husband told the story.

  2. Oh my goodness, I love the new look of your blog!!!! It's fabulous. Love your son's list, and what a sweet story about the movie.


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