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Daddies: Happy Father's Day edition

 My Father

I was raised by a wonderful man.  My Dad worked hard for our family often sacrificing his own desires being the sole breadwinner.  He played intensely, active in sports until I was a teenager.  Watching him play hockey and fastball showed me that team sports can bring so much joy.  He did everything for his family at the drop of the hat.  I remember a time in university when I was really homesick, he drove all the way to Regina to pick me up and then all the way back two days later to drop me off.  He is that kind of man.
The lessons I learned from my father are lessons that I am now trying to pass down to my children: family first and enjoy your life.
When I find myself getting stuck in the to-do list and routine rut, I remember how quickly my Father would be to play with us and it's in those moments that my children are always winning because of the deep influence of my Dad.

My children's Father

I knew I struck gold the minute I had Dan in my life.  He was a simple, sweet and stress free boyfriend.  He went out of his way to show me he cared and I knew that if I could marry him, it would be a fantastic life.  I'm still reaping the rewards of this great man......because he's the lovingest of fathers around, my children are so lucky to have him as a Dad.  He's (surprisingly) the firm parent, disciplining in a respectful way.   He is active with the kids, teaching them so many things about the outside world that only one who also grew up on an acreage can appreciate.  I had no clue that you could dig a hole and it could become a well for watering the garden.  He encourages and loves our kids   He even is following baseball stats and scores to keep up with Willis and I.   I could not have ask for a more perfect man to be the father to our kids.

So happy (belated) Father's Day to the two wonderful men in my life!

A follow up of what we did for Father's Day will be posted tomorrow.


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