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June Pinspired....everything Bo-ho

Linking up today with Shay,Mel and Shaeffer today for my monthly Pinspired outfti.
I decided that as a Pinterest look this month, I'd try the boho vibe.  I had stumbled upon this fantastic dress at Winners (and didn't buy it) (then quickly regretted it).  I had told Kyla about it and when she went to check it out, she picked the greeny one for herself and then I asked begged her to grab the bluey one pour moi.  That was my first real boho piece, aside from my boho maxi skirt from the Gap and a flowy boho top from Free People.

So the dress rocks and I love it...however, I only feel comfortable wearing it with a denim jacket.  Not sure why....maybe because I'm not really boho at heart?

My next boho pinspired look was the kimono.  I first saw it on Katie and then "stumbled" upon one as I was "window shopping" at White Dahlia in Saskatoon.  MUAHHAHAHAHA

My kimono makings.....

et voilà, I'm full boho.

The end of a chapter

It has been a very emotional/marathony week for me.  Between marking finals, packing up a classroom, saying farewell to wonderful students, wrapping up Willis' grade 1 year & his ball season....I am done.  I am wiped. I officially need a break.  With wine.  So I'm going to try to address all of these things, but I'll have to do it in separate posts.
So for today, let's talk about my career change. To make a long story short- I want to be at home, focusing on my kids.  Lucia has a year left before kindergarten, so I jumped on that chance.  Whilst doing so, I stumbled upon a part-time mat leave gig for next year in Cyber School teaching Éducation Chrétienne 10, 20, 30.  Keep my foot in the door, I love technology, have an income still and yet be able to correct wherever/whenever I want without all the crazy classroom stuff and of course I jumped on it.  So that's that.  But leaving my students was a little more difficult than anticipated....

Week two of being virtually dressed

I have way more outfits and fun pictures to report back with today, so let's not waste any time.  If you're just tuning in, I'm participating in Alison's 21 day Summer Style Me Challenge and have been sitting back, enjoying being told what to do.
Here's what I wore:  (I feel like I took a lot of liberties with these this week as many of her outfits called for shorts and well we've had rain non stop.   I'm pretty sure Noah's Ark is being built nearby.

Alison asked for :  khaki shorts, printed top, metallic sandals & long necklace.
I did:

on becoming our parents

We had a very interesting conversation at our most recent book club, having just read The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman .  It was a good book but not my favourite, a little too fantasy-ish for me.  I did, however, enjoy the viewpoint of childhood that was presented.

A Day in the Life...

I figured I should probably capture what a day in my life looks right now before everything changes.  As I shift out of the classroom teacher role and more into a virtual teacher/stay at home mom role, I do want to remember every single ounce of the crazy that goes in to my day.  Because being a teacher is crazy.  It's a demanding and stressful job and at the end of the day I'm either exhausted because my grade 9s drove me crazy or I'm invigorated because my grade 9s drove me crazy.  Yup.  It's nuts.  So here is what a typical day looks like for me.

Summer Style Me Pretty Challenge. Week one.

And we're back!!!!!!!!!!  I'm super excited to be back on board with Alison's 21 days of outfits in her Style Me Pretty Summer Challenge.   I'm even way more excited to have some dear friends on board as well, they are even blogging with us in our link up! I hesitated with this challenge only because I'm t-8 days from summer and that means yoga pants and tanks...which is the classic formula to what Alison's trying to help. If anybody needs help with summer wardrobe, it's likely me.  I didn't even own a pair of nice shorts before this.

Father's Day: What we did and other stories

Willis likes to make lists.
Gee, I wonder where he gets that from.....

Daddies: Happy Father's Day edition

My Father

Missing you, Kelly

Tomorrow is never an easy day, regardless how many years have passed.
13 years without Kelly.
13 years since the tragic accident that sent our worlds spinning.  We were 21 when we lost her and that was far too young to be faced with so many realities and heartbreak.

Lucia is 4

Our little girl is 4 today.  Her beauty intensifies every single day and she is becoming one strong willed chic.  I have never seen anyone so mindful of her body- mommy, I'm tired.  Mommy, I can't eat any stomach is full.


I'm linking up with with Andrea over at Momfessionals today for more of her "Come on In" series....
The yard is the reason why we built out here.  5 acres of wide open space with plenty of room to dream,  and grow.  This has been, by far, the best part of acreage dwelling.  Yes, we have a 10 minute drive to the city, but we also have complete privacy and endless amounts of beautiful, Saskatchewan sky.  After a year of living out all four of our seasons, I've come to realize that this space provides me with peace, regardless the season.

Lucia's birthday parties of the past

This weekend we are hosting Lucia's 4th birthday party.  Our little munchkin turns 4 next week, and this weekend is the weekend we have the grandest party planned for her.  Everything she requested she got.  I realize I sound like I may possibly spoil my girl when I say that.  Birthdays are to be celebrated, and that's how we do it here.  So what.

What I Wore Wednesday.

I actually tried making this a Window Shopping Wednesday post, but much to my husband's delight, I couldn't think of anything I had been perusing over the course of the past week or so.  Nothing.  Nada.  Except mouse traps.  And pools. But that's another story.

So instead I'll opt for another version of a Wednesday post that you should be used to; the What I Wore Wednesday or WIWW.  Which I only figured out last week what that meant.  Oy.  Kinda like OTD.   Took me awhile for that one too. It was only when some students commented on my shoes and my outfit of the day, that it dawned on me.....

So, this is what I've been sporting:

Have a great Wednesday!

If these walls could talk...

...they would tell the story of our family.
They would show you how we've grown and come together; where we've been and who we love.
The walls in our house paint a picture of a family who love deeply and who take pride in their accomplishments.

These are our walls, this is our story.

Everything in this home is homemade or carries a deep meaning. I did most of the work last year before we moved.  I blogged about it here.   In the kitchen hangs two recipes written in the pen of my Grandmothers, framed by two teal/blue paintings done by Lucia.  There are words that have great meaning in the locker/laundry room and the entry of our home.  In the hallway are two paintings, done by my Grandma Diehl.  In the bathroom is a painting I did of a flower outside Dan's parents home and a photo of some pansies in Scotland from my trip with Rob and Kyla.

Our basement is a story unfolding.  There's the art hallway where Lucia and Willis' creations hang.  There are paintings done by…