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Another Mother's Day has come and gone and of course, I've spent some time reflecting.  It was, after all, just another day of kids climbing on me, hanging on me and following me around everywhere. As it turns out, everyday is Mother's day around my house and I have come to see just how important my role is in their eyes.
Do I always feel appreciated, not really, but every second that they grow and learn and show love demonstrates the importance behind the sweat and tears that go into being a mom.
Another revelation? Sometimes in order to celebrate being a mom, I need to go out with other moms who empower me.  Because when I can't muster up the courage to give myself a pat on the back, they sure will. That's friends for you.
Being a mom is tough, but when you're surrounded by supportive, encouraging and loving people, it makes that much easier and rewarding.

As for my kids......

Lucia is currently very routine-oriented and curious.

Her bedtime routine is the exact same thing every. single. night (and sometime the exact same book- gack) It probably takes the exact same time as well.
We brush teeth, go pee, then read a book or three.  Usually it's Moose by Robert Munsch or a Tiger Goes to Tea.
After her book she needs to have her back massaged, scratched, that order.  This goes on for 3-5 minutes.
This is then followed by a made up story which usually, requested by Lucia, features her getting lost somewhere with Kinsey and then they find their friend, ButterCup, the colourful pony.
After a story she requests that I cuddle her.  Which is never really cuddling because she doesn't like it when I put my arm around her, but more me laying up close to her.
We exchange our I love yous, it was a great day becauses and I can't wait fors and the girl is asleep within minutes.
To. The. Tee.

She has also been very curious with words.  Modder, what does that mean, to blend?  Shanks, Modder.

Her 4th birthday is quickly approaching, which reminds me I should probably start planning. She wants a rainbow cake. Again. Oy.  But then she saw the Wizard of Oz in PA last weekend, so now she's obsessed with having an Oz party.  That goes with rainbows. I can handle that and rock it, by the way.  Wait until you see what I have in store....

May 2013


Willis has been awesome as of late.  He was getting bratty/crazy competitive/snarky for a bit but something snapped and improved. It was possibly likely me.
We had had a conversation one night where I had mentioned that I was going out with my girlfriends.  He promptly informed me that I can't have girlfriends and that boys marry girls and girls can't marry girls.
I paused, wondering if it was life lesson time.
I figured it was a good time to talk to him about the different types of relationships in our world because I really don't want him to have any hate or judgement in his heart.
So I informed him that, actually girls could marry girls and vice versa.
He didn't believe me.
So I asked him if he remembered Ellen, the show I sometime watched and of course he did..what kid doesn't like Ellen? So I showed him a picture of her and her wife.
He became very thoughtful and processed for a bit.
And just like that he had accepted it.
I gave myself a high five and went on with my day.

A couple days later, Willis and I were chatting on our way home from school about the usual...his day..his friends...the happenings.  He then informed me that he was going to marry Franklin.  But Willis, I asked, what about your girlfriend, Luwanda?  Well mom, she wants to marry BlahBlah, explained Willis.  I've obviously changed names....
Okay, so why do you want to marry Franklin?
Because we want to play video games forever.

Typical boy.  We then talked about the difference between marrying someone and being roommates and he figured he just wanted to be his roommate and marry me instead.

But the whole conversation made me wonder.  What if one of the kids took this conversation would other parents react to it?  Are we still living in an age where parents will shield kids and possibly even plant seeds of hate and discrimination?
Food for would you have handled it??

Have a great weekend!

May 2013


  1. Oh my goodness, you are an amazing mommy! I think you handled that situation with your son perfectly. We have always taught love, openness and acceptance at our house. When they are younger, it seems best to answer their questions honestly and then just wait for the next question. I love how kids think about things, accept them and move on - we can all take a lesson from that. Your kiddos are so cute! Have a great weekend.

  2. you handled it perfectly. I feel, as parents, we have a duty to try and foster love, equality and fairness in our children. No one is born with hate in their heart, it is learned. And you, my friend, are fostering that love in your children's heart and if more parents were like you, we would live in a different world... maybe one day!


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