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When things fall into place

Many, many random things on my mind but the forefront is how this crazy life will just work itself out when you just let things go. There are a couple events that have occurred in the past  weeks to bring this point home.

Number 1.  In December, Dan and I made the decision that I would be done with teaching in a year from now, leaving me with another year after this one.  This decision then evolved into me being done next year. Point being, I want to have a year at home with Lucia before she's off to Kindergarten.   Long story short, there were was an opportunity suggested to me by my principal in Cyber School, which is what I now have lined up for next year.  I will be part-time and I can work from anywhere at anytime.  My foot is still in the door, but it doesn't jeopardize my desire to be a SAHM.  Life always works itself out if you're listening for the clues.

Number 2.  I have talked kinda about my need to forgive someone and the difficulties I have been having with it.  I am not going to hash out the details here- but I do feel I need to share my learnings.  Someone who was a close friend is asking for forgiveness and I've struggled with it.  I am hurt, I have anger and I have lost my trust in her.  That is where I'm at right now.  As I was trying to formulate an email to her, I just happened to stumble across this video that I would be using in my Christian Ethics class.  I think I got way more out of it than my students.  Again.  I'm paying attention to things that are being thrown my way.  This video spoke to me and gave me some clarity on what I was feeling.
I know that forgiveness is an action and it's also something that is freeing me from this situation.
Weight lifted.

07 | Luggage | Rob Bell | Legendado from Farol Tv Web Gospel IPJO on Vimeo.
Now on to the healing.

 While I'm not sure how any of these situations will work out on the job front or the personal front, I do know that I'm staying true to who I am and am doing what I want to do.  It all goes back to the message that I so admired from Jann Arden.  I am the one who has to live with ME for the rest of my life.  So I need to do things that will make my life the best life it can be.

That is all. Oy. Kinda heavy for a Friday.  Definitely a beer on the patio type of night! Have a great weekend.


  1. Congrats on your new job situation! I agree, things often fall into place if we don't force them. I will definitely be watching the video you posted when I have some time this weekend. I "broke up" with my best friend of over 30 years several ago and it has been one of the hardest decisions in my life. I know we will never be friends again, but it's still hard to come to terms with. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your beer on the patio :)!


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