Summer read list 2014


Fault In Our Stars.  Worst Person Ever.  Pride and Prejudice.  Lost Symbol
One month of work left.
I can do it.
The problem is that I'm starting to really get a summer brain and it's making it very difficult to get anything done. Like making my finals.  Or the reviews for that matter.  All I want to do at night now is bake things, work on some DIY projects, watch shows on Netflix, read or sit and watch the sunset.  My job has been eliminated from my priority list at home.
 Ah well, it's part of the teacherbraincycle.

So here's my summer reading list I've been working on accumulating.  Please give me any suggestions as I did incorporate a couple of your suggestions last year and loved them.  My goal is to read a minimum of 15 books this summer, which includes that books that we'll have for our monthly book club.
For the record, in June we're reading Ocean at the end of the Lane (Lea picked sci-fi/fantasy as her genre), in July it was my pick and I had favourite childhood novel, so I have picked Are You There God, it's me, Margaret and The Little Prince because they're both such short reads and both sooo good!  And in August we have Candace's pick (from a series) and she has picked Harry Potter. Book 1. I think.

As for my personal picks, this is what I have lined up- it's a good mix of all kinds of different genres!

Gone Girl.  Forever Chic.  The One and Only.
The only other hard copy of a book I plan on buying is the newest Diana Gabaldon book, Written in my own Heart's Blood which comes out June 10th.  Which also means I'll have to go over the last book again to remember what happened. I loved that series and can't wait for the TV series to come out this fall!!!

I have a couple books on my Kobo also to read:

The exotic Marigold Hotel was already read, I just was too lazy to edit it out.  But of course there will be an Elizabeth Berg, a satire book by A.J. Jacobs and something Blue Jays by Dirk Hayhurst.
I forgot that I will also attempt Anne of Green Gables and the Narnia series.  I highly doubt I'll get far in either series, but I do want to get further into them.

Any other book suggestions out there?
If you want to see my complete book repertoire, friend/follow me on Goodreads!

As for TV shows that I will be catching up on/discovering this summer, I have:
Finishing this season's: Modern Family, Parks and Recreation & New Girl
Continue watching: Suits.  We're on Season 2.
Start from scratch: Gilmore Girls.

Any suggestions?

Lastly, I wanted to share with you this awesome site my workfriend, Kim got me hooked on: Apartment Therapy   They are doing a summer challenge called, A Guide to the Perfect Summer which gives you different challenges throughout the summer whether it's adding decor to a room or throwing a party.  I think it sounds fun!

Also- don't forget to sign up for the Summer Style Me Challenge at Get Your Pretty On.  It shall be a good time!

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I think I love you Deena! Anyone who rewatches Gilmore Girls is my bestie in my book. I think I've gone through the series a few times now, whenever it's on tv I just have to watch it. OH reading, it sounds like fun, 15 books, I couldn't even imagine! I hope to read 1 book this summer, haha. My MIL just sent us some series, I don't even know what it is, but it's some sort of Fiction, seems like a good place to start. And I have to go find that Emily Giffin book, I love her and her books!

  2. Love your book list. Reading is probably my favorite thing to do. Have you read anything by Jen Lancaster? She's hilarious - try "The Tao of Martha" - I think it just came out in paperback. Light reading, but really fun. Have a great weekend!

  3. YAy summer challenge!
    I LOVE Gilmore Girls!! It's on MUCH all the time and I watch regularly.

  4. You have so many books on your list! AWESOME! I will definitely be referring back to this post to pick out a few for myself!


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