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Today I'm linking up with Andrea @ Momfessionals to share what's on my nightstand......

.....except I have the most uninteresting nightstand in the world.  In fact, it's not even a nightstand, it's an old IKEA end table that has managed to survive 3 moves and is just subbing in until I get my dream nightstand complete.
I could show you a picture of this old, rickety nightstand.

 Seeee....isn't it uneventful???
Fact.  I have never purchased bedroom furniture.
Of course we've bought a box spring & mattress, but that's about it.  No bed frame or fancy dresser & mirror combo for this gal.
Also fact?  I don't ever plan on buying them in the future.

I do feel that at some point we should graduate to a grownup bedroom, but I'm waiting for those perfect, salvageable pieces to refinish and make new.  That's right, like everything that hangs on my walls, my bedroom furniture shall have it's own story too.

SOOOO, when I saw the magic word, nightstand, on Andrea's list, I thought it would be the perfect motivation for me to get my sanding/thinning/staining and creative self in gear.  And it was.  I just wish I wouldn't have waited until the weekend prior to this post to get moving.  Then I wouldn't have to had dealt with stresses like not being able to find an automatic hand sander, until Dad brought me his,  or spilling the stain everywhere, because of course that's going to happen when you give yourself a deadline.  Or not being able to get the paint off the one night stand, not too sure what substance was used, but that mother was not coming off.

Anyway, you can guess what I did this weekend and I'm happy to say, my project is complete! Well kinda.  I still haven't put on the hardware and haven't figure out what I will put in the nightstand, but you get the picture.
This is a nightstand my Dad built when he was in grade 9. I have always had this in my possession and it traveled through high school and university and off into wedded bliss. It had a coat of varnish, a coat of bright blue (University) and a coat of beige on it (marriage).  What a mess.

I was going for the antiquey/rustic feel.  We'll see how this looks in better lighting.  As for what's actually ON my nightstand, which was the point of the actual post.  Just books.  The one by itself is always what I'm reading (Dance, Gladys, Dance) for bookclub, and then I keep a stack of books under my lamp that are my reading lineup.
Nothing too exciting.
For now, I will work on finishing off this nightstand and working on the last one, which was given to us from Kevin and Monique and from what I understand Kevin built it.

That's all I got today, have a fabulous Monday.


  1. What a fun project - you did a great job. I not only would have spilled the stain, I'm pretty sure I would have broken my dad's tool, and the nightstand still wouldn't be done :) I have Dan Brown on my nightstand too!

  2. I love your new & improved nightstand!
    Mine is just an IKEA end table now, but I'd love to have one with a drawer :)

  3. I love that your dad built the nightstand in high school and then it has gone with you through the different life stages. The refinished nightstand looks great in your bedroom. We also stained our nightstands. (from Ikea)


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