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Monday of a long weekend.

May Long Weekends are typically spent at home for us.  Gardening or prepping something wonderful.   A couple years ago we threw an Amazing Race Party.  I love looking back at old pictures...this was so long ago (Willis is the little guy) that I don't ever recognize some faces.  We NEED to do this party again.  It worked perfectly because I had some of my grade 12s sit at the stations for a small fee...they were awesome.

 Here are the team photos after they crossed the finish line:

if I recall, these guys won. Freaking trackletes...

 Barbeque and fellowship after in our old house.

I think I spent a lot of time looking back at these pics because the rest of my time was spent working on Lucia's 4th birthday bash.  Here's a preview of what I made for invites:

Can't wait to show you the entire event in a couple week's time!!!!


  1. An Amazing Race party sounds like so much fun! We love that show. Your birthday part invitations are so creative - I especially love the RSVP to the Wicked Witch. Have a great Monday!


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