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Summer read list 2014

One month of work left.
I can do it.
The problem is that I'm starting to really get a summer brain and it's making it very difficult to get anything done. Like making my finals.  Or the reviews for that matter.  All I want to do at night now is bake things, work on some DIY projects, watch shows on Netflix, read or sit and watch the sunset.  My job has been eliminated from my priority list at home.
 Ah well, it's part of the teacherbraincycle.

So here's my summer reading list I've been working on accumulating.  Please give me any suggestions as I did incorporate a couple of your suggestions last year and loved them.  My goal is to read a minimum of 15 books this summer, which includes that books that we'll have for our monthly book club.
For the record, in June we're reading Ocean at the end of the Lane (Lea picked sci-fi/fantasy as her genre), in July it was my pick and I had favourite childhood novel, so I have picked Are You There God, it's me, Ma…


Can this still be a pin-spired look if I didn't actually find a pinterest look to recreate?
I decided that my May pin-spired look would be the pallazzo pant long before I had even found an image that I liked.  I just knew I wanted to rock those pants.

So I'll show you the outfits I put together over the month that I remembered to take pictures of and then I'll show you a couple pictures that I'd still like to try because man, oh man, I love my palazzos. Which I don't know how to spell yet.  Until I googled it.  It is palazzo.

 So there's not a ton on Pinterest right now, but I did like this compilation.  I figure I would style the palazzos just as I would a maxi skirt.

and while we're at it, I might as well window shop.  So, if I would be on the hunt for more palazzos...this is what I would want in order of awesomeness:

1) Floral from Forever 21.  30$

2) Tie-Die from Nordstroms.  110$

3) Animal print from Zara.  60$

But seriously...those floral ones......…

Under 10$, Over 10$ and then some

Happy Monday!  Only 4 more Mondays left until summer holidays and for me, the end of being a classroom teacher.  Craaaaazy!
This Monday I shall be celebrating the awesome items that I've been using that are under and over 10$.  Before we go to that though, I just want to remind you that the Summer Style Me Challenge opens today for registration.  Check out this link for the information.  I'll be signing up and I'm hoping you will too!

As for my fave products, I've got three and today I'm going to focus on all things workout related:

Under 10$:
My sister, Kyla, introduced me to this website: My Yoga Online.  I love doing Yoga and dislike going to classes that are normally on during times I want to be with my family.  So this is a sure-fire way to get my yoga on.  At home.  Whenever I want.  I used this website often in the winter and as soon as I get my butt back in gear and my outside patio yoga spaced tidied up, you bet ya I'll be back on the site.  Seriously th…

When things fall into place

Many, many random things on my mind but the forefront is how this crazy life will just work itself out when you just let things go. There are a couple events that have occurred in the past  weeks to bring this point home.

Number 1.  In December, Dan and I made the decision that I would be done with teaching in a year from now, leaving me with another year after this one.  This decision then evolved into me being done next year. Point being, I want to have a year at home with Lucia before she's off to Kindergarten.   Long story short, there were was an opportunity suggested to me by my principal in Cyber School, which is what I now have lined up for next year.  I will be part-time and I can work from anywhere at anytime.  My foot is still in the door, but it doesn't jeopardize my desire to be a SAHM.  Life always works itself out if you're listening for the clues.

Number 2.  I have talked kinda about my need to forgive someone and the difficulties I have been having with it…

Window Shopping Wednesday

I'm back to my Wednesday shenanigans, doing some window shopping and linking up with my Wednesday pals for a little shopping inspiration.  You can read my past posts here. here, here, here and here Here are my 2 coveted pairs of shoes this week that I've been drooling over:

1. This wedge sandal.  I need this.

2.  Bright and beautiful flats.  Ever since Jordan showed off her teal shoes, I have found myself searching for the perfect pair.  These Vince Camutos are my faves:

3. Lastly, does anyone love people watching as much as I do?  I could just sit in a mall and check out outfits.  I love seeing what people put together.  One observation though.....just something that has been bugging me:
Leggings are not pants.  All lady parts should be covered, regardless your size.  I would almost even say regardless your age....That is all.

Have a fabulous Wednesday~!

Monday of a long weekend.

May Long Weekends are typically spent at home for us.  Gardening or prepping something wonderful.   A couple years ago we threw an Amazing Race Party.  I love looking back at old pictures...this was so long ago (Willis is the little guy) that I don't ever recognize some faces.  We NEED to do this party again.  It worked perfectly because I had some of my grade 12s sit at the stations for a small fee...they were awesome.

 Here are the team photos after they crossed the finish line:

 Barbeque and fellowship after in our old house.

I think I spent a lot of time looking back at these pics because the rest of my time was spent working on Lucia's 4th birthday bash.  Here's a preview of what I made for invites:

Can't wait to show you the entire event in a couple week's time!!!!

Where the kids are at and then some.

Another Mother's Day has come and gone and of course, I've spent some time reflecting.  It was, after all, just another day of kids climbing on me, hanging on me and following me around everywhere. As it turns out, everyday is Mother's day around my house and I have come to see just how important my role is in their eyes.
Do I always feel appreciated, not really, but every second that they grow and learn and show love demonstrates the importance behind the sweat and tears that go into being a mom.
Another revelation? Sometimes in order to celebrate being a mom, I need to go out with other moms who empower me.  Because when I can't muster up the courage to give myself a pat on the back, they sure will. That's friends for you.
Being a mom is tough, but when you're surrounded by supportive, encouraging and loving people, it makes that much easier and rewarding.

As for my kids......

Lucia is currently very routine-oriented and curious.

Her bedtime routine is the…

finding inspiration in the everyday

Linking up with the Sarah and the Style Me Gang for our new Wednesday series: Finding inspiration in the everyday. Come link up and join us!

Today my post is inspired by one of my besties, Jordan. She was having issues accepting the beauty of coloured jeans into her wardrobe.  I think she felt that it looked too much like a winter outfit.  Which then prompted a request that I show the difference between a spring/summer outfit vs a fall/winter one.

That got me thinking.
For as long as I can remember I have always rotated out my seasonal clothing. Which basically meant packing up my winter clothes and putting them in the furnace room until spring.
But then we built.
 I thought my husband was joking when he told me I could have a huge closet.  Until it was finalized in the plans and there you have it, I now had a real closet.  A closet where I could keep all my clothes out and rotate in much easier.  We went with 12 ft ceilings in the closet like the rest of the upstairs, so now my seas…

A peak into...

...our kitchen and dining room today!
Which isn't really anything new because when I did the peak into our living room, you were peaking at the kitchen as well.  That's the Great Room open concept for you.
I also kinda blogged about the upstairs when we first moved in, but looking back now, I see that I didn't really address the kitchen design and also so much as changed around the house in a year that it's great to revisit this.

So, welcome!  I'm also linking up with the lovely Andrea over at Momfessionals
My goal for the kitchen was to have an open space where we could host a multitude of people, because this momma likes nothing more than filling her home with family, friends & companionship.  There's nothing like breaking bread with the people you love most- and for me, a space for that was essential.  We kinda had it in our last house...and now we definitely got it. Although I still have a regret about this design, but I'll tell you about that late…