A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

What we did this spring...or winter...because it's been both.

The last half of our winter was spend in some of my favourite activities so far this year.  To see my earlier post with our winter friendly indoor activities, go here.

#1: Toboggans, friends and hot dogs.
I don't mind posting this one because of the resurgence of our what, 8th winter this year?  Seriously snow, we're over it.
When it had started to get nice in March, we quickly put together an afternoon in the fresh air for tobogganing and a weiner roast.  We didn't have a lot of snow this year, so the we were stretching it for toboganing, but the kids loved it.  Not gonna lie, I might've gone down with a crazy carpet a couple of times.
I can't wait to get our yard together this summer and make a permanent fire pit: it's going to get so much use!

#2: Splatter Party
 This, by far, was my favourite.  Maybe it was because we had a great group of kids gathered for our fake birthday party (we booked a birthday party, minus the birthday).  Maybe it was seeing the kids letting loose and being creative?  I think it was mostly seeing the importance of arts education come to life!  The kids learned to take risks, play with techniques and colour and man, you should have seen the pride on their faces when they were done.  No one, including the adults, wanted to leave.  I highly recommend the 4Cats art studio.  The best part was the original piece of art that I got to take home that now hangs with distinction in our great room and has the best story behind it.
I will definitely be putting Lucia in some lessons next year....and booking an adult party, because, come on, did you see that splatter room???!!! My cheeks were sore from grinning the whole time!

and the produit final.......

#3: Magical Munsch Puppet Theatre at Wide Open Theatre
This is our second year taking the kids and we loved it just as much as the first.  Classic Munsch Stories?  Puppets? Giggling kids???  All happened.