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Deena here, the non nutrionista-sista.  Kyla, the certified one, had a real post ready to go and then it disappeared....stupid technology.  So instead of making her scramble to put it back together, I thought I'd share with you what I've been having a breakfast every single week day for the past 3 months.....Smoothies.

This was an instant hit with me for many reasons:
1- I no longer had to budget in 15 minutes for me to eat
2- I could prep them the night before and drink en route to work
3- They are healthy
4- They taste great.

A typical smoothie consists of:
- a handful of spinach
- one banana
- 1 small yogurt
- a cup-ish of frozen fruit or fresh, whatever I have around
- 1/4 cup of milk or OJ.

Lately I've also been adding chia seeds.
It's great fun trying out new combinations and textures...I've even used avocado.

Happy Thursday!



  1. My latest favorite snack is a Might Kale smoothy from jugo juice. You should try this one. Look on line and it tells you the ingredients but I know there is pineapple and apple juice I believe. So yummy and so healthy!

  2. I love avocado in my smoothies! Sooooo yummy!


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