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Five on Friday: Over, Under and Things I love

1.  Over 10$ Product:  This is a new find.  The body scrub by Fresh is divine! It's thick, smells like a spa and leaves your skin feeling ..... I can't even find the right word.  Luxurious?  Like a smooth leather handbag? Like gold?  Like a baby's bottom after it's been lotioned ? I give up.  Just ask for a sample at Sephora and you'll see.  Maybe you can even come up with a better word.    Actually, it's not even the feel of it after, it's the smell.   Again.  Try it and see smell for yourself.

2.  Under 10 $ Product: Costco's Jelly Bellies!!!! These are perpetually stocked on the entry table of our house.  Our biggest jelly belly thieves are Uncle Kevin, Uncle Walmart Rob (the other Rob is Uncle Hairy/Biker/Muscles Rob) and Kinsey.  A very popular item in our home and only 10$!!!!

I'm allowing  you a once in a lifetime look into our messy cupboard.  I have yet to find, after a year of being in the house, a purpose to the cupboard.  For now it is seasonal randoms like Christmas nuts and Mini Eggs, the Jelly Belly supply,  peanut M& Ms that are supposed to be for baking but end up for snacking and Lucia's needle supply.

3 Things I love:

- Spending tonight with my girlfriends, celebrating the birth of a new baby to our group and my birthday.
- My BFF being home for the festivities.   I can't recall the last time I got to celebrate my bday with her
- Joint birthday party with my brother tomorrow chez mes parents.  That's right.  Tomorrow is the big 35 for me!

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. happy almost birthday!
    Also, I want to raid that cupboard of yours ;)


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