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Easter Festivities in review

Oh, the glory of a break!
As we head into the weekend after a beautiful week at home, I have much to be thankful for; the greatest of all these things is some quality time with the kiddos.  It has certainly been an affirmation in my quest to take a leave for next year (or possibly life?) from my teaching gig. Good times we had.

Here's a look back at our festivities:
Simair family gathering!

great getting along time for Brother and Sister Bear

Welcoming a new baby to the gang!

Stupid snow


my beautiful sister

Kinsey's birthday bowling party

lots of books with Uncle Rob

And Jen too!

Oh my! Cards against Humanity

Sleepovers chez Grandma and Grandpa

Kinsey's 4th bday

Happy Bday!

Lego and Baseball

Workouts for the boys while the girls read

Precious brother and sister moments

Rainy day soup and sandwiches

Alone play time

Visits with friends


  1. Love the pic of you and Kyla, your cake, Rob's turtle pants, your children getting along, and the bunk beds at grandma and grandpa's. Oh, and my abnormally large forehead! Ha!

  2. You and Jordan are so cute!
    Your kids and house are gorgeous!


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