A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

Change, change, change

I mentioned repeatedly on Monday that change was in my hair the air.  I guess I should elaborate.

I have decided to apply for a leave from my teaching position for next year.  I want to spend some time at home with Lucia before she starts kindergarten.  It's a no brainer really, but for some reason, it was a hard pill to swallow pour moi.  It even provided for some good ol' anxiety attacks, go figure.  (and thank you by, the way, for the kind comments on my Monday's post.  I have more to say about anxiety/panic attacks...but I'll save that for another post).
You see, Dan and I have been debating me stepping down in teaching and stepping up in the home front since, I dunno...Christmas?  The decision we made then was that I would do so in a school year and a half.  I was fine with that. It was far away.

Then we started thinking about the possibility of it being next year instead so I could have that full year with la Lucia.  Although it makes complete sense, it was much more difficult for me to wrap my brain around.

This is why I was reluctant:
1- I had come to terms with having next school year to be my last.
2- I enjoy my students and adore my work peeps.
3- I LOVE planning lessons/units/projects/exams.
4- What if I get bored?
5- I like getting dressed every day in nice outfits.
6- I feel like I have a purpose.
7- Income is nice.
8- I feel like part of my identity as a person is as a teacher.  I'm scared of losing that.

And here are my no brainers:
1- That precious, precious time with my sweet girl.  Time that we haven't really spent with her like we did with Willis when he had 3 years of our undivided attention.  Now she can be the star.
2- A more organized, sane and less anxious home and life.
3- My sister, my girlfriends Carmen, Kerri and Elaina are all home.  I have plenty adult conversation if needed.
4- I am not one to get bored.  There are so many little projects that I'd love to do!
5- I can reinvent my style?

Anyway.  The decision has been made, I have applied for a leave for next year, which is nice because it gives me time to think about my future in teaching and if this is really the path I want to take.

Change is good.

Have a blessed weekend.


  1. We will keep you accountable in the style department if we keep doing challenges!

  2. I couldn't be more thrilled that you're staying at home next year as Sara and Candace transition back to work (sniff sniff). Welcome to the SAHM club! Let the creativity flourish!!!


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