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Style Me Challenge, week three

This is the week that we started to be brave and take the suggestions as merely that, suggestions, from the daily outfits that Alison has been assembling for us.  I was ready for this and definitely over repeating pieces.  Let the creativity flourish....

Alison said striped T, bright cardigan, boyfriend jeans and leopard flats.
I did BCBG striped tunic (old), purple infinity scarf (old), Gap boyfriend jeans (old), and then I went back and forth between my leopard pumps (Michael Kors-old) and leopard flats (Dolce Vita-old). 

Alison said bright tank, floral scarf, skinny jeans and neutral flats.
I did bright pullover (similar), graphic heart scarf, Vigoss skinny jeans and Sam Edelman Neutral Flats.
Friday: Alison said neutral cardi, bright tank, statement necklace, maxi skirt & metallic sandals.
I laughed as it snowed and did this instead.  The girls were coming over and I was planning on cleaning the house all day. NO shoes for me.  I also feel like I need a tighter fi…

April Pinspired in White

I can't begin to tell you how many picture texts a week come in from my friends asking: does this look okay? which shoes?  which outfit?
So I figured if I was doing it anyway for my friends, I might as well have some fun on here.  I've decided to combine my pinspired look this month and show you multiple ways to wear the look.  Maybe, just maybe, you can get some ideas and inspiration too!

This month (despite being dressed by the Style Me Challenge) I tried to focus on white jeans (which was included in our shopping list)
I was super fearful as I feel they show....more.  I'm not a model.  I'm not slim.  I do not look anything like the ladies on pinterest.
I have been gifted with strong legs and curves.  My body takes a long time to recover from baby weight gain. I know what I can wear and what I shouldn't.  I'm not going to try to be 20 and embrace the younger fads like crop tops and booty shorts. I've accepted my aging body as it is and  the fact that my w…

Easter Festivities in review

Oh, the glory of a break!
As we head into the weekend after a beautiful week at home, I have much to be thankful for; the greatest of all these things is some quality time with the kiddos.  It has certainly been an affirmation in my quest to take a leave for next year (or possibly life?) from my teaching gig. Good times we had.

Here's a look back at our festivities:

2 years

Today is a day of reflection in our home, and the mood is fitting with the gloomy weather. 2 years ago we lost our Grandma Diehl.
She was a lady who had a great influence on me and I miss her dearly.  What I wouldn't give to get her loving kisses when we entered her house or to smell her soft skin.  Oh, how those physical things are so clearly absent in our lives. I know you are busily preparing our place next to you, Grandma.  I miss you and love you.

Style Me Spring Challenge- le deux

This week had been so much of a blur that I'm scrambling to get this post together. We've had birthday parties, friend gatherings, Easter celebrations, family visits and a nasty 24 hour virus all in a matter of 6 days.  I still managed to piece some outfits together to make me feel good during the travelling and the sick..... so sick that I couldn't even keep my head up on my birthday :(
Anyway, all is well now and here is my rundown of the outfits (which will be much more fun to wear now that that ugly snow is out of the picture)

Wednesday- this look was previewed last week.
{Neutral Blazer (Kenneth Cole at Costco), green tank from H&M (old), denim trousers from Loft, bamboo cork nude pumps and statement necklace by Amrita Singh}

Thursday- last day of work before Easter Break!!!!!!!!!!
{Old Gap denim, teal tank from Target, scarf from Nordstrom, Gap off white skimmer skinny jeans, nude Sam Edelman flats}
Friday- morning was lazy at home, evening was out for to meet the new…