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I think this is going to be my new favourite weekly post.  If you know me well, you know the following things about me:
- I love window shopping at the mall.  It is one of my happy places.  Give me a coffee and some free time and I love browsing the trends and touching the new textures and fabrics.
- I also love virtual window shopping at the many online boutiques I frequent.  Often.  Even daily.  

I like fake shopping so much that I figured I should do a weekly post that shows you what I WOULD buy if I was out actually shopping to bring something home or something I WANT to try.  

This week I have been obsessed thinking about overalls.  Yes, overalls.  I remember the awesome pair I had in grade 9...they were Esprit and the comfiest things I owned.  Now that I see the trend is coming back, I figure I could maybe, possibly still pull them off.  I tried convincing my friends......

Then I set out on an online hunt at my favourite boutiques.  This is what I came up with for my options:

1. Why are the prettiest always the most expensive??!! These are Citizens of Humanity from Nordstrom and 382$
2. The back on these overalls are quite cute- it looks like suspenders.  Much more reasonably priced @ 113$.  They are Kensie from Nordstroms.
3. Much more reasonably priced @50$ and I LOVE the acid wash (it also comes in a darker shade) but I'm not sure I could pull them off.  Twik at Simons
4. Love the distressed look of these- plus they're the same brand as Shaeffer's Must Have jacket.  You could wear them together! Isn't that called a Canadian Tuxedo????  KUT from Nordstrom for 113$
5. I'm drawn to the wash and the distressed look again.  These ones are 105$ by Noisy May at the Bay.  Yay for the Bay, I love the Bay.
6. These ones are currently on sale for 69$, regular 99$ and are Buffalo at the Bay.  I'm not sure what I think about the cut around the waist....

So, verdict is, if I were shopping right now, I would want to bring home the most expensive pair, naturally.  I think it's the wash and the cut of the Citizens of Humanity, plus Citizens of Humanity is a great brand.  However, I'm not willing to spend almost 400$ on a trend.  So, instead I would really want to try the acid wash Simon's pair but would likely opt for the Noisy May, from the Bay.

There you have it.  1990s Deena has spoken.  Who knows, I may just order a pair to try on and model for you then promptly return.

Any requests for next week?  What should I be shopping for....

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  1. I liked #1 the best too! My second favs are #2. I need to see these in person. Buy them and wear them to my house this weekend. Trend I want to see you wearing is rubber boots. COME ON SPRING!!!


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