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by - March 21, 2014

.....to keep busy in the cold

This winter was not at all what I had envisioned or hoped for really as our first winter out at the acreage. The only really good thing, I guess, is the lack of snow storms...we haven't even used our snowblower once.  We have some snow, but never enough to clear...our toboganning is turning into dirt and on top of that, it has been a brutally cold.  I'm really looking forward when it starts warming up so we can start having some camp fires outside and fort building.
In the meantime, I've been trying to find some new activities to do to spice up our weekends.  In February we did a couple things:

1- We went to the glow in the dark mini golf at Mar's Mini Golf.  The kids LOVED it and have been asking to go back....me, however, I wasn't a huge fan.  For one it is tough keeping the kids from running everywhere and interrupting other games.  Secondly it was ridiculously expensive.  7.50$ for a kid and 8.50$ for an adult.  Except the adults obviously weren't golfing, but we still had to pay 5$ as a walking fee.  That seems silly to me.  Also, the 2$ 3D glasses are a waste of money- nothing jumps out at you on the neon chalk walls.  I'm glad the kids loved it....I'm not sure I'll be bringing them back there again though.....

2- My favourite thing we did with them was bowling.  It was cheap (35$ for an hour), the kids were easy to keep structured and they had a blast! Lucia and Amelia had never been bowling before and they rocked it!  They even beat the older boys!  I would do this again in a flash.

I have some a couple ideas of what we'll be doing in March and I look forward to sharing them with you.  We have an art class booked with a new art studio in Saskatoon, 4cats and then I'm thinking a group swim date and brunch and hopefully, if the weather gets nice soon- some weiner roasts and toboganning! Update- we definitely did some toboganning and weiner roasting last weekend, will share that at the end of the month!

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