Oh, them monkeys.

by - March 24, 2014

Conversations in the car can be so entertaining with kids...

Last week while chatting with Dan about dream jobs and what we would ideally doing, the talk went something like this....
Dan: That's what I wanted to do, be an urban planner.
Deena: That's what Autumn does.
Dan: She's living the dream.
Lucia: I want to be a watermelon.
Willis: And I want to be a sleeping zombie.

Willis often reads my texts for me while I'm driving and will even text back what I dictate. He's my little Siri.  We were planning on heading out to Warman to watch Dan play vball and the conversation when like this...
Deena: Will, can you read that text Dad just sent?
Willis: If it is a short drive I'd ask you to come.  It's a long drive just to see us get bitch slapped.....Mom, what's bitch slapped?
.....Sometimes I forget to tell Dan that he's reading them....ooops......

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