3 purple lies

Five on Friday

Five things I've been daydreaming about all week:

1- Spring fashion.  If I were shopping this weekend, I'd be looking for some lightweight skirts and dresses that I could jazz up with nude or leopard flats.  Also some pieces to add colour to my otherwise dark wardrobe.  All this pieces have been pinned to my "Spring Style" board on Pinterest if you're interested in finding them.  They are all also from Simons or the Bay.

2- Attending the BlogHer conference July 24-26 in San Jose.  One of my favourites, the Bloggess is a keynote.  I do tons (and I mean tons)  of professional development for my profession as a teacher, but what about attending something for me...about the things I love to do in my spare time: blogging!!

3- BBQ season. I got a hankering for charboiled caesar salad and steaks.  Or just the smell of the BBQ will work. Or maybe just outside without snow and cold.  And no mosquitoes.


4-  Baseball season.  I have already started listening to the Blue Jay's spring training games and it has done a lot for the mind game that comes with the coldest. winter. ever.  I think I may coincidentally plan our family's first trip to DisneyWorld in conjunction with spring training season some year.....                                                               

5- Punching people who are stupid.  That is all.

I guess that isn't really Lenten-ish of me, but I'm really struggling with forgiveness lately. There's one for you to think about over the weekend: how do you forgive someone who has done something so .... unforgivable and shows no remorse.  I'm stumped.  Anyway, more on that later.  In the meantime, why don't you check out my 40 days of fitness challenge on the tabs up yonder and see what I'm doing to keep moving every day until Easter.

Have a beautiful sunshine filled weekend!