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Celebrating with the angels

Today would be Kelly's 35th birthday.
I haven't seen her since we were 21.  It saddens me to realize that 14 years separates me from the last time we hugged and laughed together.

I've been thinking a lot about how I want to go on celebrating her; she is so clearly with us in spirit in everything we do and still merits as much celebration as any of my earthly friends do.
I think about how much my life was enriched because of her simple and sweet presence and the friendship and love she gave me. I don't ever want to forget that gift.
So, borrowing from my good pal, Jordan, I'm going to do something that she did to celebrate her boy that left her much too early, Tripp.  She had borrowed from another blogger (read her post for details) and then posted the follow up a week later.  I participated in her #rememberingTripp experience and I can say that it brought me much joy going out of my way to do something kind for someone else.
So I shall do the same thing for Kelly.

I want to feel that joy again and bring joy to the lives of others, and because this ties in so nicely with Lent and spreading love, I will be going out of my way to honour my beautiful friend through random acts of kindness.
If you want to see what I'm doing, then please visit my hashtag on Instagram: #rememberingKelly  and if you don't know what a hashtag is, just click on the instagram button on the right column to follow my feed or here.  Feel free to join in the celebrations too, just remember to add #rememberingKelly in your picture comment to share with everyone.  Or if you don't know what instagram is, send me an email at deena.simair@gmail.com of your adventures.
I've changed the hashtag...apparently there is another rememberingkelly and I want one just for our kelly...so it'll now be posted under #rememberingkelly12

Happy Birthday, beautiful friend.  May you know that you will always be celebrated and never forgotten.


  1. Thanks, Deena! HUGS! Tears of sadness and joy as we celebrate her fun filled life! xoTerry


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