5 on Friday

by - March 14, 2014

Here are 5 observations about the going-ons of my life:

1- Lent
My workout journey is going okay.  Not stellar, but okay.  I'm remaining active and finding time to do something when I don't really want to (which is most of the time).  The kicker for me has been not having daycare this week (Kyla has been watching Lucia).  What this means for me is that Willis can't take the bus so I pick him up at 3:10 and I don't go to the gym during that time instead as he would normally take bus to daycare and I would get him after.  Ah well, it's a new week next week and daycare (as well as our normal routine) is back on.  Check out the Lenten tab above to see what I've been up to every day.

2- Instagram
I have posted a picture on Instagram every.single.day since Jan 1.  Insane.  This has only happened because I have been participating in a photo challenge that gets renewed every month.  I must say I have been enjoying it; it's fun to find a creative angle to take a certain picture.  

3-  Blog following
I now have a good handful of bloggers I follow or randomly check out from the southern states.  That also means that I spend half of my time with a Fahrenheit to Celsius converter, trying to figure out if 75 degrees is a good thing or a bad thing.  Most of these blogs I've found through other bloggers and enjoy reading about their lifestyle is so similar yet so different than ours.  It makes the world feel that much smaller. Here are a couple of the blogs I've been following:

4.  The Spring Clean
The above zero temperatures this week have put my spring clean and decorating mode on fast forward.  I wasn't going to touch anything until next weekend but alas, sunshine is calling my name.  So this weekend is it: the spring/Easter decorating binge, closet purge and house sanitize. I partially blame the sun for sudden motivation, but mostly the streaks on the bathroom walls that have been bugging me all winter.  I feel a before/after post coming on for next week.

5.  Random acts
I just finished reading Hands Free Mama, a guide to putting down the phone, burning the to-do list, and letting go of perfection to grasp what really matters.  I enjoyed this book, however, I wouldn't recommend you read it in one sitting...it becomes redundant.  Much better enjoyed when you read a chapter a week.  I also regifted this book to a friend who I thought would appreciate it.  Anyway, the thing I liked about it was that just as I was considering my random acts of kindness to celebrate Kelly's birthday, I read the chapter on compassion.  The author hit it bang on when she talked about some of the most joyful moments in life were the ones when she was giving to someone, or serving.  This happens to fall so perfectly into the purpose of Lent as well, that I realized I want to step up my service.  I also realized that I'm my children's first teacher and they will learn to do what I model.  So if I can show them how to be of service to others and model what it looks like to give with a grateful and compassionate heart, then there is a better chance that they will learn the beauty of that as well.  I put that to the test on Wednesday when Willis bought some cookies for the 2 other girls in his piano class.  We talked about what it means to do things purely to make another happy and he was reluctant.  Or shy.  Or both.  But he did it and I think he got the point.  We'll continue work on this throughout Lent.

Have a splendid weekend!

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