We were on a break.

by - February 19, 2014

4ish glorious days away from the world with the husband was just what this relationship needed.  Didn't need the getting sick on the trip so much, but we survived- and it wasn't even Vegas-induced.  Yup, we caught whatever viral bug that Willis had the day before and spewed it all over Vegas on the first day. At least that's kinda normal.
Sickness aside, which only lasted maybe 12 hours, we had a blast.  We toured, we saw shows, we people watched (which is a show in itself), we kinda ate, we sorta drinked and we shopped- but for me the best part was just walking down the street, carefree, laughing and chatting with my man. Relationships need that rejuvenation.
On the way down we ran into my Uncle Peewee and Aunty Gisele and found out they were on the same flight and staying at the same hotel, which was cool because we hadn't a clue what we were doing and they were old pros.  We shared a limo to the hotel and went for supper that night at PF Changs and then wandered through the Bellagio.

Then the sickness hit and we spent the most of Saturday indoors.  We had managed to make it for breakfast but really couldn't eat for another day.  Saved money on food, more money for shoes?  Eventually we made it out for some Saturday afternoon shopping at the Fashion Show Mall (NORDSTROMS!!!!) (There's be separate post for the shopping, because it deserves its own).and then for a rest before the Britney show.  We decided to head down for some food around 530 only to see people had already lined up for the 730 door opening, show starting at 9.  We had general admission tickets for the right side pit and damned if I wasn't getting front row.  You know me, once I set my mind to something....so I held a spot in line while Dan changed/rested/puked and then we were in the Axis Theatre for 730, waiting in line until 8 before being let into the pit.  Where I didn't move for another 1.5 hours because WE HAD FRONT ROW!!!!!
And what a show that Britney put on.  Yeah, yeah, I know she doesn't sing it, but I could care less- she's still the queen and I love her- in fact I may love her even more having seen her so close- she is a normal pint sized girl, she even has cute cellulite dimples on her butt and tired mom bags under her eyes like me.  I would wait in line all over again to be able to experience a show like that!  And Dan was a rockstar....I can't think of many husbands who would endure that experience just to see his wife glowing with joy.

Sunday was one of my favourite days- the Grand Canyon.  We booked a bus/helicopter tour which took from 630am- 4.  The bus ride was quite interesting...seeing all the different landscapes and tons of run down trailer courts.  The Helicopter ride was short, the one I booked was supposed to be a floor landing tour, but they changed it.  I must email about that, it was why I booked it- but still, the ride was cool and slightly scary...to see the floor drop away and then have nothing but Canyon beneath you was insane.  We then joined the rest of the bus tour at Guano Point and had a nice picnic and checked out the views.  Dan was extremely uncomfortable the entire time as he isn't a fan of railings and sharp drop offs.  Spectacular sight to see though!
In the evening on Sunday we met up with Peewee and Gisele for snacks and drinks at a pub in the Miracle Mile Mall.  It was good to finally start eating a bit.

The moment Dan decided he was cured with the help of the beer. Or it was the moment when he decided he is going to be a novelist, because it's simple structure

Monday morning to early afternoon was spent at the North Premium Outlets where I ran into some girls from my ball team- too cool!  And shopped.  But that's Friday's post.  We had a great afternoon sitting on the patio at the Sugar Factory with Peewee and Gisele.  After that we had a little rest and were off exploring the strip and stopping at Anthropologie and Nordstrom's again white making our way to the Wynn to see Le Rêve.  Thanks for the suggestion Rob and Jen and the tickets, Renée who sadly had the show cancelled when she was there in January and had some tickets for me.  What a show.  It was better than the Olympics- which oddly, was never on any of the TVs...what's up with that?  Le Rêve is a mix of acrobatics, synchronized swimming, ballroom dancing, diving, water acrobatics, fire, water, stunts...seriously amazing!

We gambled a whole 16$ and lost it all...in 5 seconds. What a waste.
All in all- great trip.  I feel like a new me and am ready to get back in my routine, although, I must say I have developped a complex from seeing all those tight dancer bodies...must start a better workout routine.
We were so happy to get home to happy happy children. Thanks so much to my mom and dad for entertaining them while we were away!

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