3 purple lies

Valentine's crafting machine

The crafting bug has caught me and won't let go.  Maybe it's because the house is starting to feel organized and thus liveable and more importantly, decoratable.  We've been here through summer, fall and now winter and I have probably changed my decor 10 times for each season. Which may be an exaggeration.  It's more like 9.  I rotate pictures, painting and frames, depending on the colours outside...you know what...that's an entirely different post.  Let's talk about Valentine's Day.

This is an easy transition in our decor as I leave out our red pillows/blankets and art from Christmas to accent the random droppings of hearts everywhere.  I also brought out some vases from Lucia's room which her Nana and Papa had gifted/made for her, I guess that's one of the benefits of having ceramic artists as grandparents!

Hearts, hearts, hearts...
Entry table, always clad with jelly bellies and now a lovely pink vase

Stairs going down...Lucia and Willis each painted a heart and then I did the watercolour banner

Second watercolour garland that the kids made.  
Willis and his heart painting

Fuzzy trying to get into the action

Finished hearts and the T-shirts that they made
What comes after Valentine's decor?  Not too sure yet...I'll likely switch back to frost covered snow flakes and hopefully soon after that there will be images of beautiful tulips and everything spring!