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The shopping experience

While I did spend a lot of my break dreaming about the ideal education system....if we're going to be real here, I always spent a lot of the break daydreaming about the perfect job.  And then, magically, I got to try it.

I got a text from my friend, Jordan's husband, Hugh while in Vegas.  He requested I take his wife back to work shopping because I always look good. Thanks, Hugh! And double thanks for letting me dabble in what I'd love to do for a living: shop and boss people around.

Now, my dearest friend, Jordan was in need for a major wardrobe overhaul, not having really shopped since our trip to Toronto and then a year or so before that.  She had nice clothes, but they screamed 5 years ago...you know....flared pants, heavy sweaters.  I was super excited and honoured to help her out.

Thursday after the convention, I did a quick peruse of the mall to see what was out and take some pictures of pieces that I thought would be good for her...and then I couldn't stop drooling because ERMAGERD the spring stuff was out and the colours were fabulous!  I quickly made up a list with pictures and sent it over to Jordan....and then it was time to work.

Saturday we met at 130 and spent close to 3 hours in The Bay, then another 45 in the Gap, which only left us with 30 mins to hit up Town Shoes and RW & Co.  By the end of the afternoon, she had it down and knew what she was looking for.  I could not have imagine a better way to spend time a good friend- in my happy place.  It also helps that when she gets going, the girl can shop and man, oh man is she ever easy to dress.  What a good student.  I'll give her the fun of posting her finds, but here are some of the shots I took while she was trying things on.

This was a keeper- and now I want one.  Gotta love a cotton blazer.  So comfy!  Also- orange is the it colour for this spring, so win-win!

My war wounds from hanging all our finds on my arm .....

Another beautiful blazer!

She picked out this outfit herself...love it!

must have a coffee in hand for fuel.

tons of different patterns, colours and prints were tried on

The finds- from the Bay...there was a whole armful from the Gap as well.   YAY, Jordan!
So, it's been confirmed.....I want to be a personal shopper.  Any guinea pigs out there needing some bossing around?  Also- I should add that I may have bought some shoes whilst galavanting with her....but they were on sale!!!!!! and so pretty!!!!!!!!


  1. Deena, you are the best. I have had 2 session of trying on all my finds and putting outfits together. I am heading back to the mall on the weekend for a couple of returns and exchanges. I am excited for the first time in a long time, because I know what kinds of things to look for! Love you and your awesome fashion sense!


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