The ones we love

by - February 14, 2014

First off, Happy Valentine's Day!

the actual Valentine that he handed out to his classmates has a pencil glued to his hand....

Valentine's Day; it has such a different meaning with kids, doesn't it?  No longer am I  consumed with all the romantical ideas of ways I can show my love for my Dan- instead it's all about showing my love to my munchkins, and making cute Valentines for their friends, and the numerous ways I can introduce hearts and pink into my home decor, and what I can do my students and how I can make something food wise that has a heart theme.
I haven't forgotten all about the husband...but it's true that he tends to be the last one on my mind.  And while we're being honest here, he does get the brunt end of the deals.  I tend to take my grumpiness, anger and sum of my bad days off on him.  It's funny, or not really funny for him I guess, how I can be miserable at home and then see someone, a friend, a colleague and be all rainbows and lollipops.  Poor husband.

Marriage is difficult and like any other relationship that matters in your life, they require work too.
I put the time in with my friends and they know the importance they hold in my life.
I am working on being as present as possible with my kids, soaking up every last ounce of their youth.
My siblings and parents receive oodles of attention and hugs and loving texts.
But my man.  Oh, my dear husband, why does he always seem to end up the last one on my list.  And he's such a good husband!

Ever since before Christmas (which is an entire other post) I've been trying to make sure I pay more close attention to that relationship.  Life is busy and crazy as it is, the last thing I want is to wake up one day and not know the man I married.  Don't get me wrong here, my marriage isn't in trouble, I just think I'm coming to the realization that even after 10 years of marriage (gasp)- it still requires a hefty dosage of TLC and seeing the fragility of some marriages out there- it makes me want to work that much harder at keeping this one strong and full of trust and love.

So today Dan and I are off on a mini vacay: some much needed time away from the kids, the house and the stresses of life....stay tuned next week to hear about our adventures (and by adventures I mean how awesome it was to sleep in and  eat a meal without having a kid climbing on you).

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Have a lovely day!