3 purple lies

He kissed a girl and he liked it

Are your kids asleep?  If not, when do they go to sleep?  I need to talk to you about something.

Not a text from your son's teacher that gives you a good vibe.  In fact, as I impatiently waited for her to call me, I fearfully dreaded to worst.
The phone rings.  After some chit chatting, she lets me know that Willis had a situation today and then starts giggling.  I love my son's teacher.  It turns out that Willis kissed a girl.  And he liked it.
Bahahahah. My poor dear son who will eventually have to read about his first kiss here.  My poor dear son who has such a good teacher who requested I didn't tell him that she told me so that she could maintain their trusting relationship.  Poor Willis, Moms know everything.  ALL THE TIME.  Write that down.
I remember my first kiss.  It was kindergarten, right before getting on the bus in front of Rivier.  It was even a kiss on the lips with Kris M. that my annoying neighbour (not really annoying, we ended up teaching at the same school) Cory, witnessed and then proceeded to bug me about it for the rest. of. my. life.  He might as well have blogged about it. If the computers and the internet had been invented, I'm sure he would have.

Now Willis' story would be different.  I should have known this was coming with all the strange kissy faces he has been making (or practicing?) on me.  So at noon yesterday, he went for it- it was brought to the attention of the principal who was supervising and he got spoken to.  His teacher then heard of it and felt she needed to have a heart to heart with him.  This is where it gets good.

Willis, sooooo...I heard something happened at lunch today.  Did you kiss L&^%%?
stumble, bumble, shyguy realizes that he is possibly in big trouble and starts his story making: Well...I was going in to smell her and I slipped and my lips bumped her.
Willis, I'm not dumb. Did you kiss her?
Um, yah, Madame, I kissed her.
Okay. Let's talk about that.  Mme. goes on to explain why kissing in grade one is inappropriate and how he could, perhaps, find different ways to show L*#&# that he likes her.  She asks him what Daddy does to show Mommy he loves her......(I then interrupted and told her that Willis will not be buying L&6%$ shoes or a tractor or a treadmill) (write that down, hubby) (I know you love me when you buy me shoes)  (actually just repeat that over and over for the next couple days...) (It is Valentine's this week) (please don't forget)

In the end, Willis had a great conversation with Mme. and I hope he understood the norms of grade 1.  No kissing girls until you're 20, son.  And if you are, at least get them a nice pair of shoes first.
Ah, the lessons in life for my boy are just beginning, aren't they.
Happy 100 days of school tomorrow!

I realize now I forgot an accent on annĂ©e.  And I call myself a French teacher


  1. My brother also got kissing girls. Yes plural! And for peeing outside at recess. He turned out ok. Great story Dee. Willis is a lady killer already:)


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