3 purple lies

Five on Friday: confessions

1-  I get frazzled when packing and leaving for a trip, even if that trip is a simple jaunt over to the grandparents for the day.
I have to be super organized and leave myself a million notes of things to remember.  I don't think I always used to be like that...must be a kids thing.

2.  I don't understand the purpose of Google Plus and am starting to feel overwhelmed with all the places to go to catch up with people. Also? Don't quite get Linkedin.  Where do you draw the line for social media??
My favourite is Instagram right now.  I've been posting a picture a day since the new year in conjunction with a challenge put together by some bloggers in Texas.  It has been great fun!  Check out my pictures!

3.  I occasionally will do a cleanup of my Facebook "friends" and eliminate people I really don't know, people who post too often, people who are annoying and people who are evil.  It feels good to do so...kinda like spring cleaning your house.  But there's always a couple that I need to keep, as annoying as they may be, because it's kinda like watching a train wreck????  

4.  I'm getting tired of putting work into relationships when I get the impression that it's a one way street.  At what point do you give up and throw in the towel? Been quite frustrated about that lately and in need of a good therapy sessions with the ladies in my life. Nothing works better than getting stuff off your chest with the people you trust the most. Yay for throwdowns!

5.I don't like eating cold vegetables or fruits and especially not salads.  Beer can definitely be cold.

That's it, that's all- have a fantastic weekend