Amazing. Really.

by - February 28, 2014

Two-ish years ago, when they announced a Canadian version of the Amazing Race, my brother was all over it. He recruited my Dad and together they made an audition video.
Amazing Race Audition-Don and Rob Park from Dee on m/">Vimeo.

They didn't hear anything from the casting department.

So we went along our merry way, enjoyed the season with our family betting pool and Rob's ridiculous email updates.  Good times.
Then Season 2 was announced and again, Rob and Dad put together another video.  I though this one was much better.  And obviously it was- because they got a call back and moved on to the next stage....everything was kept top secret.....but to summarize, they made it to the finals but got the call this week that they wouldn't be cast in the show.

I think they would have done a stellar job had they been cast, and despite the outcome, I'm very glad they put themselves out there at least and went for it.  I'm so pumped for them for having made it that far and for being SO close to having been cast, that I'm already thinking next audition video...the one where we kill them with Rob's resiliency....and he makes not one, but 8.  One with Dad, one with me, one with Kyla, one with Jen, one with Mom, one with Willis...........

Anyway, here's a look at the video (that we had to take down when they were being considered) and have yourself a lovely weekend-I plan on not leaving the house. Ever.  Because -64 with wind chill, really???!!!

Amazing Race Audition 2 from Dee on Vimeo.

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  1. That is crazy. Fingers crossed for next year!

  2. Awwww! Too bad! They would have been so good on the show! Next Year!


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