Three things

by - January 17, 2014

Lots happened this week so I'm going to sum it up with my top 3 list.

Willis had his first ever piano recital.  We have him in the Music for Young Children program that runs from Sept-May, once a week for an hour.  He' picking up quite nicely and seems to have a great memory.  We finally upgraded from a cheapo keyboard to a digital piano (which I thought I'd never do, having an upright all my life) (but the size, the portability and the no need to tune it had me sold).  Thursday was his first recital and man, he was pumped.  Well, pumped and nervous.  Not nervous to play his piece (Jingle Bells) (which he had by memory). Nope. Not this guy.  He was nervous for the bow.  We prepped and practice but he didn't end up doing it.  I got the whole thing on video, so stay tuned.  After it was all over, I asked him how he felt about it and he said : it was awesome! I want to do it again!  Kinsey and Lucia were both in awe also watching the other kids perform...I have a feeling those two girls will be doing recitals in the future together.  Kyla gave Willis a little present to celebrate his first recital- I found that rather touching.  It is, afterall, so very important to celebrate the little things in life !

Totally overlooked bad

Kyla dragged me to Pink this week.  Okay, she didn't really drag me...I was willing....and more than willing to upgrade our seats from nosebleeds to floor.  What a show!!!  I would see that one again in a heartbeat! She was so entertaining and inspiring. I really should also start situps.

I've been getting creative with my workouts, doing things quite out of my normal routine.  This past summer I was doing 5k outside 3/4 ish days.  I can't handle the dreadmill that long so I've switched it up a bit.  I'm now only a 5k run once a week and any other time I step on the treadmill it's at a major incline and a walk with wind sprints.  Minus the wind.  Then I signed up for an online yoga site that gives you millions of videos.  Problem is the amount I can actually stream from out of town as we just use our cell plans for internet.  It's also quite reasonable priced...considering I paid 10$ for a month and did a good 10 different workouts.  But I quickly ran out of data, so I've been doing yoga at Kyla's and mooching her wireless.  Lastly, I've been trying to make it out to the Oval to skate before I pick Willis up at school.  It's free, it's outside and it's beautiful!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!!!!!

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