The Road Trip

by - January 29, 2014

Fact: I get antsy to get out of the house in January/February and most of my antsy-ness is directed towards Edmonton.

Why Edmonton?  Well, it's an easy and beautiful drive if the weather cooperates, has fab shopping (SIMONS!!!) and is loaded with friends and family to visit.  And although we never get around to seeing everyone, it does leave me feeling renewed.  Kinda.  If the kids are good travellers, that is.  Which in this case....Lucia wasn't.  Ah well, can't win them all.

The road trip came too when we discovered that there would be a Harry Potter Exhibit running at the Science Centre from Nov-March.  Brother, Sister and I, all being Harry Potter fans, decided we had to take it in.  We did learn to fly at Hogwart's already- so this was a no brainer.
Also a no brainer, apparently? That we all wear our Harry Potter T-shirts....except it didn't even dawn on Kyla and Rob was the only one.
Word to the wise- buy your tickets beforehand online. Guaranteed spot and no need to battle the lines.

Last year around this time, Kyla and I spent the weekend at our cousin, Glenna's, and we were pleased to get to visit with her family again, despite the fact that her Dan was quarantined and ended up in the hospital with pneunomia.

It was great having the three big little kids together, Addy having gone back to Mom and Dad's to spend some quality one on one time with them.  My parents are fantastic grandparents; I love how they are always willing and wanting to take in our kids and spend that time really bonding with them.

The other thing I really loved about this trip was the fact that Willis got to hang out with the older boys, trailing 10 year old Jesse around the house.  You could see that admiration for him burning in his eyes whenever he spoke of Jesse or watched Jesse talk.  And seriously, Glenna and Dan raised two incredible boys.  I already have her pegged for our 40 somethings series this summer- she has some great stories and advice.

Our Saturday was jam packed and in retrospect probably lent itself to Lucia's constant melt down /drama queen mode.  Her constant whining/crying/screaming was difficult to discipline when you're not in your own environment.  Also- I had sweated off most of my makeup by noon so I felt gross ...yup...I really do get hot and bothered- does that even happen to anyone else or is it justme???
In the end, I had to step away a couple times and let Kyla take over just to regain my cool, but most of the time I zoned her out (her being Lucia, not Kyla, although I do that also....) and tried to love her through it.   When we got home, we had a good talk about it with her Daddy so we could learn something from it and so she could understand what appropriate behaviour is, remembering all the while that she is only 3.  I forgot all about the stresses her meltdowns caused quite quickly - which is usually the case and was ready to move on and focus on the wonderful memories we created this weekend.

The Science Centre group minus Glenna, Chantelle and Bridget...and half of Kinsey's head.  Do you recognize the large chess piece in the background?
Aunty Jen and Cousin Jesse did Willis wanted too as well.

That's my brave boy!

A night wouldn't be complete without a movie in Glenna and Dan's movie room. We watched the Goblet of Fire. Obviously.

Spent some quality time with this beautiful friend!
This captures perfectly how I felt after Saturday with Lucia. Yowza.

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  1. We've all been 'there' as parents, Deena! It's a good thing we love our kids so much and that they are cute! It guarantees their survival!
    I love how you write about both the joys and trials of parenting!
    Shelley F.


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