Our Christmas in pictures..and maybe some words

by - January 03, 2014

A Christmas filled with family, with laughter and love is a perfect Christmas to me.  This was a truly memorable and lovely Christmas break!  I actually feel rested (despite the entire house battling an on again, off again cold) and things were accomplished on the to-do list.  But most importantly, we had some great down time as a family and for some reason (age and awesomeness, perhaps?) my kids have morphed into these fantastic little monkeys who play so well on their own.  So well, touch wood, that I was able to start my 21 day Yoga challenge, read a book and bake cookies, all while they did their own things, with very little squabbling.
Me like.
Here's a little taste of what our break looked like:

Also- follow me on instagram to see the January photo challenge...here's to hoping I don't forget after the second day to post the daily pic...

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Have a lovely day!