Cook Day 2. #2. The one without the wine.


Actually, I fooled you. It's still Saturday night as I write this.  I'm not a crazy early bird who posts at 4:30 am 3 days a week...nope, I save the good stuff for the weekend and get it all out whilst I have the energy, the time and clearly, as the theme of this week's posts go...the wine.

So Cook Day 2 happened over Christmas Break because I had run out of food from Cook Day 1 which was in August.  It was actually well timed because it was so freaking frigid this break that I couldn't go outside and play and I didn't want to drive anywhere because that meant going outside, so I stayed home and cooked like a madwoman over a couple of days.

I just got distracted and decided to check the forecast for tonight/this week.  FAAAACK.

Seriously.  Can you read that?  Extreme wind chill minus 47??!!!  Doesn't this normally happen in February?  Why has it been happening so often in December and now January?  I mean, I guess it does make me feel better that Thursday and Friday have reasonable temperatures.  I really think Environment Canada, at this point, should be doodling snowmen in their bathing gear, drinking pina coladas on the beach.  Like Google does on random days?  Wait- just checked Google.  They're normal today.
Now I feel like I may be going slightly crazy.  I mean, I didn't leave the house from New Year's Eve until Saturday.  Is that normal?  Is it even more normal that I kinda liked having a reason to be lazy and a homebody and to cook a crapload of foooo....
Cook Day 2.  I forgot again.

OOOOOOOO snow angels.

Kay- we're actually smiling..wait....I'm actually smiling in this picture. Perhaps because it was my one time outside in 4 days and we went toboganning despite the freeze and Lucy kept yelling "I'm a RAAACE CAR" as she sped down our hill.  It was a good 10 minutes.

 And then there was that time over Christmas, chez mom and dad where I forced my brother to pull me around in the toboggan only to have him push me down the hill, careening into trees...and the highway.  He's a good guy that way.

 You know, it may be frigid, but the pastelly colour the sky makes every night around 5 is quite beautiful...

Well. I guess no Cook Day 2 again. My bad.

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