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Being Pinspired

Last year, in order to keep my winter wardrobe innovating, I decided to force myself to make an outfit out of whatever came next in the shirt section of my closet.    Twas loads of fun inventing outfits plus it helped me get rid of things I wasn't really using. This year I plan on resorting to Pinterest to recreate some outfits that I have seen and loved and figured that I could likely pull off with what I have. For January, I decided to focus on a deep purple/maroon/burgundy/wine...really? what colour is this???? combo with browns/creams and blacks.


side note: I should really get another maroon piece for my wardrobe.  Repeating the same pants over the course of 3 weeks was no fun.  Maybe a maroon blazer? Or textured leggings???  Also? I need to work on taking better pictures....

Up in February will be the dressing up of oversized sweaters, me thinks.  I may change my mind.

The Road Trip

Fact: I get antsy to get out of the house in January/February and most of my antsy-ness is directed towards Edmonton.
Why Edmonton?  Well, it's an easy and beautiful drive if the weather cooperates, has fab shopping (SIMONS!!!) and is loaded with friends and family to visit.  And although we never get around to seeing everyone, it does leave me feeling renewed.  Kinda.  If the kids are good travellers, that is.  Which in this case....Lucia wasn't.  Ah well, can't win them all.

The road trip came too when we discovered that there would be a Harry Potter Exhibit running at the Science Centre from Nov-March.  Brother, Sister and I, all being Harry Potter fans, decided we had to take it in.  We did learn to fly at Hogwart's already- so this was a no brainer.
Also a no brainer, apparently? That we all wear our Harry Potter T-shirts....except it didn't even dawn on Kyla and Rob was the only one. Word to the wise- buy your tickets beforehand online. Guaranteed spo…

Thievery from thy husband's phone. Part 2

Soooo...we had quite the adventure this past weekend and I can't wait to tell you all about it.  But I didn't get home in time to put together a post.  So we'll go with the second bit of the phone thievery for today while I put together something grande.

Thievery from thy husband's phone. Part 1

He apparently never takes pictures off his phone, judging by the age of these...they were such cute finds that I just had to post!  I love looking back at how much they've grown. Isn't it incredible that you can see them in all their ages? Their looks change but never really change? Does that even make sense? Whatever.  Have a great weekend!  We're off on a big adventure- will tell you all about it next week.

Shenanigans of the kids

Willis and Lucia: When I'm bigger I'm not going to be the boss of my house, the wife is. Boys can't be bosses because they don't have babies because they aren't tough enough. Lucia, if you have a baby, it may come out your vagina or they cut it out of your stomach. Is that terrifying? Yes! And boys they sit around and say- hey, my wife is having a baby.
Willis and Mom: Mom, I decided who I'm going to marry. 
L&***, because she wants to marry me and not Noah. 
And why is that? Noah is a nice boy.
Because I do what she tells me to do.
Hmmmm. Is that so?
Yeah, I smooth her hair when she asks.  Also, Mom?  When I'm 25 people will be living on Mars.  I'm going to do that too.
Right, Willis.

Lucia to Dad:
Mom's the boss.  But when I grow up, I'm going to be the boss of my house.

Lucia to Mom:  Every. Single. Morning.
She proceeds to mess it up and backcomb

And finally, the first piano recital: the one wher…

Anna Olson's Salmon Strata with Dill

July 31st - Anna Olson's Salmon Strata with Dill 
(recipe retrieved from The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada)

Tonight for supper, I made a recipe that I had found on the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada's website.  It was delicious and so simple to make.  Having fresh dill in my garden is a wonderful addition to any dish, especially this one.  I don't know why I never planted it sooner.  To make this dish even easier to assemble,  I cooked the salmon last night.  All I had to do was throw everything together right before supper and put it in the oven. The meal went over very well and I served it with a spinach salad and peas.

Here is the recipe.

Anna Olson's Salmon Dill Strata with Dill
3 eggs 2 cups 1% milk 1/8 tsp ground pepper 5 cups cubed day old whole wheat bread 10 oz skinless salmon fillet, cooked and flaked 1/4 cup chopped green onion 2 tbsp chopped fresh dill (or 2 tsp dried) 2 tsp finely grated lemon zest
1. Preheat oven to 350F and lightly oil an 8-inch …