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What the kids say about Christmas

We drove out to P.A for a quick visit at each of the grandparents' houses on Saturday. The following conversation happened in the back seat:

Is there actually a red nose, brah-dah? 
Santa is used to the snow, Mommy.
How does he go so fast?
Mommy, if he's late to give the children the presents, he stops to visit. I know dat.
What if he goes to the wrong house, Mommy?
Will he go to your friends' houses? Liam is on the good list. I just know.
Did you ask him for anything? Ya- a shovel, a hammer. Lucia? Dollies and paint.
Daddy,  I can't wait til Christmas coming

Gotta love the pure joy that kids have during this time of year- it's contagious. I know I'm trying to soaking up every last ounce of them being believers while it lasts!


  1. Love how Lucia calls Willis, "Brah-dah"! Too funny!


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