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The things that I need.

I can honestly say that I'm not really fully embracing the Christmas spirit right now, but I do hope to get there soon.  Truth be told- I'm not in the greatest mind frames: I feel deflated, heavy and just overall drenched in sadness.

There are numerous ways that I've learned to deal with grief (for the record- this is close friend #3 who has left without a chance to say goodbye).  (And I'm not stating that for a pity party, but rather so you can understand what has brought me to this point).  My spiritual beliefs are solid- it's more so how my body/mind handles the sadness that has been on my mind as of late.

This particular experience with grief has brought anger and anxiety.  Two exponents that, although may be a part of the grieving process, are taxing on me.  So I'm trying to figure out how to handle this.  I guess what I'm asking is- when faced with the difficulties that inevitably hit us in our lives- how do you healthily deal with them?

Just as I was asking myself that question, my sister asked me to go with her to a yoga course/class/thingy. Her high school friend, Leia, had recentlyish opened a studio in Saskatoon called Moksha Yoga  and the course was Renew & Restore, Yoga from a Therapeutic Perspective. (I think it was she who opened it anyway).  At first I declined but then when I realized that this was something that could really help me I was in and I'm so glad I went- I forgot how much I enjoy yoga. And Yoga for stress release? HELLO.  I was all over it.   The first 45 mins of the course was actual instruction - it's always fun to learn. The rest was practice led by a charismatic and personable- which I'm pretty sure are the same thing- teacher; Adrienne Vangool. After two hours I felt that I was where I needed to be and at peace.

My revelations:

  • I need to be open to ideas- even when they're from my sister.
  • I need balance.  I need time for me.  I need to breathe and find that calm.  I really should get back into taking some yoga classes. I feel like I had this figured out over the summer- peaceful runs, yoga outside...but winter sucks.  I need to refocus my training.
  • I'm on the right track to healing- I just need to be aware of the things that I need to get me there.
Thanks, sister for the awesome suggestion!  


  1. You are welcome! Will you be my yoga partner now? What about now? Now? Or now?

  2. I deal by writing. Some I publish, some I save in a folder on my computer.

    I light candles everywhere. I love the glow, especially in the morning and evening. I even have a candle I light in the bathroom for the mornings I need a boost.

    I go outside. Even if it is cold, a few minutes outside for me is really therapeutic. I feel like outside I can breathe in the same air that Tripp breathed. I feel much closer to him without a roof over my head.

    I am glad you found yoga.

    Love you.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss, Deena! Good for you for giving that yoga class a try! I wish I lived closer to the city so I could head out to a yoga class! Aren't sisters amazing?They sometimes know just when to push us and the direction to push us in! Thinking of you and praying for you, as you grieve for your beautiful friend.
    Shelley F.


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